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March 1, 2005
yet another ditty (this time with some instruments out of tune)

ok so I'm lazy and didn't tune anything. I like the first 10 seconds and 
last 20 seconds, so maybe I should shorten it to 30 seconds. the stuff in 
between is ultimately just killing time, so I should, but as I said I'm lazy
so I won't. Instead I shall go to bed (where my poor fever-wielding girlfriend
has hopefully already sweat herself to sleep).




February 27, 2005

OK so last week I updated Jesusonic to 0.99, it's up and has a few nice little
improvements and a bugfix or two.

The other thing I want to note that I wasn't going to type out on my phone last
night is that I was lucky enough to receive additional screening flying back 
from Vegas, and they had some new thing I hadn't seen before, where I walk into
this little chamber, and maybe 30 air jets blow air on me, and I gather it 
sniffs the particles that came off me and decide whether or not I should be
trusted. Anyway, strange thing, in my exhausted state it was a little scary.
Well, not so much scary, just a little abrupt, that's all.


February 26, 2005
mobile update

more vegas airport light pictures. tired and sick, but home and warm bed await me.


February 19, 2005
freeform jam with brenbiderman

February 18, 2005
some more music

Made this ditty last night. I really dig it, though the lead guitar is 
pretty much in need of being replaced. Anyway. Thunderstorms here, yay. 
I miss thunderstorms from Arizona...


February 17, 2005

February 16, 2005
freeform jam with bren

February 13, 2005
mobile update

a footbridge in denver


February 11, 2005
mobile update

vail rules


February 9, 2005
the baroque cycle

So I just finished reading the third (and final) book in Neal Stephenson's
Baroque Cycle series.. I must say, it was quite the 3000 page ride. Although
it took a good few hundred pages to get sucked in, I really ended up loving
it. The storyline was so decadent, so epic, it just blew me away. I feel like 
I learned a lot (though am constantly questioning what was historically 
accurate and what was not) from it, too. Anyway, I'll quit rambling about 
it, but if you're looking for a long series of books to read, well err, go for it.


February 8, 2005
mobile update

This is a test from my new smartphone, woot. The picture is from a few weeks ago.


February 7, 2005

So two weeks ago we enetered a song in songfight. We didn't win, nor did I think our song 
was the best one, the thing that annoyed me is that the one that won I thought sucked, and the
one that should have won (the one by Eight Legged Oedipus ), didn't. Which I guess is the
way things go, so here's my attempt at helping:

Go to songfight.org's competition for "The Truth About Aspartame", and vote for the one you 
like best. Or vote for the one by "Consume", either way. Only vote once, to be fair, but vote.
Point being, if other people are going to get their friends to vote for them, so will I. Not that 
winning gets you anywhere...


February 5, 2005
freeform jam with brenchr

February 3, 2005
new phone, via rules

After seeing someone else with one, I went and got a Motorola MPx220. Although it runs
a version Windows (which takes upwards of 45 seconds to boot), I'm pretty impressed. It
has a goregous screen, amazing speech recognition, etc. 

Also, someone from VIA got in touch with me, offering lots of support and resources
for Jesusonic development. Met a couple of nice guys from them, and it looks like they
may accelerate me getting the hardware to market. <3. Whoever told them to check out
Jesusonic, thanks.. :) 

Finally, for some reason I tend to feel like I'm more on top of playing the drums
when I've been awake for a long time (i.e. upwards of 12 hours). I'll listen to the
recording and see if it's true, or if it just SOUNDS better at the time...


freeform jam with brennan


February 2, 2005

February 1, 2005
freeform jam with brennanbassfun

January 31, 2005
another ditty

Made this ditty a couple days ago, liked it so much I decided to adjust the 
mix a little bit, so here it is now. Somewhat sad feeling, but in a good way.
Or something. Who am I kidding?


January 29, 2005

January 28, 2005

January 22, 2005
freeform jam with kevincraigtoqer

January 19, 2005
more crap

made this this evening. half bad, I'd say.  oh and mmm lasagna is good. 


freeform jam with christophebrennan

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January 18, 2005
taxing patience

January 16, 2005
i really like guitars

It's really amazing how good a decent acoustic guitar can sound.. 
Made this little ditty yesterday, diggin it. Also trying out various
free VSTi synthesizers, some are pretty rad.

Also, I just found SongFight for the first time, so hot (I know, it's been 
around for a while, and I'm slow to find it.. For the record, I'm not posting 
links to things here saying "look at me I found it first" it's more that I'm
just logging what I've been looking at, etc. This is mostly in response to a 
comment in my last entry)


freeform jam with brenpeter


January 15, 2005
thewronggirl songfight terrible

January 14, 2005

January 12, 2005
some amusing links

Let's see. Brad Sucks is a very awesome "band". "They" (ok I'll quit it, "he") 
have (err, has) some very good music, and a completely admirable way of going about 
distributing it. Seriously, awesome. Some of the remixes I find especially 
delicious, too.. Now if only I got so I could make stuff that sounded decent 

In a related story, this page is spot on, too. OK not spot on, but mostly.. 
The Joshua Tree will always have a special place in my mind, but the comments 
on that page are just great. See the bit about pacifism.

Finally, it seems my friend Cody is selling USB lights. He likes to 
spell "very" as "vary", too, though now I see he fixed it. Haha.


freeform jam with brenchr


January 11, 2005

January 10, 2005
work and play

Added the ability to edit Jesusonic text files that are read by effects
from within the Jesusonic editor, which has gotten very nice, so you can
edit drum sequences on the fly etc. Fixed a few bugs in the process, 
and made the preprocessor a bit more flexible too. Good stuff, should
release 0.98 soon. The other thing I added was a new effect, which is
sort of a fake analog sequencer that plays the tune you want it to. 
The first draft of this one can only play one sound at a time, but 
I'm sure people will update it, or just use multiple synths at the
same time. I'm also going to make a version that uses a sample instead
of a generated wav, so you can have it play (in a very synthetic sounding
fashion) a guitar or piano...

Watched the new season of 24 premiere last night. Pretty ridiculous, 
but hey while I'm laughing at it, I'm still enjoying it. Gonna watch
the next 2 hours tonight, too.


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