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February 18, 2005
some more music

Made this ditty last night. I really dig it, though the lead guitar is 
pretty much in need of being replaced. Anyway. Thunderstorms here, yay. 
I miss thunderstorms from Arizona...

Posted by Steven Romej on Fri 18 Feb 2005 at 18:23 from 68.1.69.x
I miss the storms in Arizona too. Only there was lightning worthy of its name, and the air started to smell really good when the rain was coming. (why?)

Posted by Danno on Sat 19 Feb 2005 at 00:05 from 128.113.148.x
Nice lowdown vibe. It finally got this one section from an Amon Tobin song out of my head. Thank you Justin Frankel, you are truly a moose among men.

Posted by Bruce Dickinson on Sat 19 Feb 2005 at 11:34 from 24.7.85.x
The production is very good.
You obviously spent some time with the arrangement and mixing!
It's a coherent collage, that exemplifies a good musical sense and proficiency with your tools. Keep the produced stuff coming!

"Boys, boys....
I put my pants on the morning just like you.
The only thing different, is that when I put my pants, on, I produce gold rekkids."
--Bruce Dickinson

Posted by David on Thu 24 Feb 2005 at 19:18 from 219.145.90.x
Hey, Justin, are you busy these days? the blog has not been updated for several days...
I wanna get some idea of what you are doing at your spare time...

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