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January 12, 2005
some amusing links

Let's see. Brad Sucks is a very awesome "band". "They" (ok I'll quit it, "he") 
have (err, has) some very good music, and a completely admirable way of going about 
distributing it. Seriously, awesome. Some of the remixes I find especially 
delicious, too.. Now if only I got so I could make stuff that sounded decent 

In a related story, this page is spot on, too. OK not spot on, but mostly.. 
The Joshua Tree will always have a special place in my mind, but the comments 
on that page are just great. See the bit about pacifism.

Finally, it seems my friend Cody is selling USB lights. He likes to 
spell "very" as "vary", too, though now I see he fixed it. Haha.


freeform jam with brenchr

Posted by fuzz on Thu 13 Jan 2005 at 10:39 from 80.225.165.x
your rss is still b0rken in sharp reader btw...

Posted by Lee on Thu 13 Jan 2005 at 11:09 from 4.16.49.x
Just don't go to bradsucks.com..


Posted by IsosYons on Thu 13 Jan 2005 at 22:38 from 66.92.17.x
Wow that usb light is cool. Havnt seen one that small yet.

Posted by Teetwo on Sat 15 Jan 2005 at 01:10 from 69.92.23.x
I knew about Bradsucks and downloaded all his music (at least, it was all his music at that time) long before you did :)


Just was surprised to see bradsucks getting a mention.

On the maddox article, it's not suprising that he'd mark a whole album down as the worst and give up. Still good.

Also, tell cody his site's borked in firefox (one of the images covers up that top text partially, bad css?) on the linux. I see he's made it with OpenOffice, which is good, but nvu (nvu.com) outputs better code and is based on Mozilla.

Posted by JohHan on Sat 15 Jan 2005 at 14:15 from 195.169.149.x
OpenOffice has some wack html it's doing it here also on OSX.

Posted by huphtur on Mon 17 Jan 2005 at 17:29 from 68.225.22.x
theres an ilight built into your laptop
its called a monitor

Posted by xunker on Thu 20 Jan 2005 at 10:16 from 216.190.207.x
As someone who lives in teh same city as Maddox, I can give a great parallel:

"The only thing worse than a U2 fan is Maddox claiming he isn't one."

He owns their entire discography, don't let him try to fake you.

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