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February 8, 2005
mobile update

This is a test from my new smartphone, woot. The picture is from a few weeks ago.

Posted by Gio on Tue 08 Feb 2005 at 23:35 from 62.253.128.x
Man, thanks a lot. Now i figure out why people look at me in a strange way whenever i carry new mobile phone. :(

I think that i'm gonna live with that... Now i see it again it's not so bad... :D

I hope that you will continue the ``SmartPhone'' instead of the
``Hiptop'' thing (hehe). Enjoy your new MPx 220 ;)

Posted by internuggler on Wed 09 Feb 2005 at 01:46 from 128.223.198.x
oh nice tie in, the jesus beard while working on the jesusonic. kudos.

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