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February 3, 2005
new phone, via rules

After seeing someone else with one, I went and got a Motorola MPx220. Although it runs
a version Windows (which takes upwards of 45 seconds to boot), I'm pretty impressed. It
has a goregous screen, amazing speech recognition, etc. 

Also, someone from VIA got in touch with me, offering lots of support and resources
for Jesusonic development. Met a couple of nice guys from them, and it looks like they
may accelerate me getting the hardware to market. <3. Whoever told them to check out
Jesusonic, thanks.. :) 

Finally, for some reason I tend to feel like I'm more on top of playing the drums
when I've been awake for a long time (i.e. upwards of 12 hours). I'll listen to the
recording and see if it's true, or if it just SOUNDS better at the time...


freeform jam with brennan

Posted by lee on Fri 04 Feb 2005 at 06:25 from 4.16.62.x
As a professional drummer, I can tell you that the most important aspect of playing a drum part that sounds good and feels good is relaxation. Until you have played a lot, the anxiety of self awareness will always create a sub-par performance. Being tired takes the edge off of the anxiety.

Posted by fuzz on Sun 06 Feb 2005 at 10:37 from 80.225.160.x
by the way, what is it with that 'good' 'evil' thing on the 1014.org homepage title?

Posted by Farris on Mon 07 Feb 2005 at 21:03 from 67.162.181.x
Hey, just stumbled across Jesusonic while digging around for some effects processing software. Fooling around with it on debian unstable, falling in love. This shit is amazing. I'd love to help out if there's any way I can.

Posted by Matt on Wed 02 Mar 2005 at 16:44 from 207.69.137.x
Someone at VIA must be a big fan of yours. Just remind them of Padlock SL and the GPL violation of some code you wrote a while ago.

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