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January 16, 2005
i really like guitars

It's really amazing how good a decent acoustic guitar can sound.. 
Made this little ditty yesterday, diggin it. Also trying out various
free VSTi synthesizers, some are pretty rad.

Also, I just found SongFight for the first time, so hot (I know, it's been 
around for a while, and I'm slow to find it.. For the record, I'm not posting 
links to things here saying "look at me I found it first" it's more that I'm
just logging what I've been looking at, etc. This is mostly in response to a 
comment in my last entry)


freeform jam with brenpeter

Posted by JackMeholf on Sun 16 Jan 2005 at 19:55 from 195.169.149.x
It's called "blogging". You've been blogging what you've been looking at. And I think it's great. Now I can second guess your ideas and file software patents and get rich rich rich!

Posted by Teetwo on Mon 17 Jan 2005 at 20:26 from 69.92.23.x
sorry i made you feel bad, i just wanted to point out the reg article on him and the outside the inbox album.

songfight, i found that through mcfrontalot.com , if you haven't heard of him i'd reccomend it to you.

sorry if i hurt your feelings though, wasn't meant that way.

Posted by Teetwo on Mon 17 Jan 2005 at 20:28 from 69.92.23.x
retraction: frontalot.com, he goes by mcfrontalot though. The one with an mc is mchawking.com , another interesting site. he is, in fact, the quakemaster, if you were unaware as to who that was.

Posted by - on Tue 18 Jan 2005 at 16:54 from 65.184.169.x
how U doin Justino?
cool. we just got a music vid job...I can't wait, been itchin to do a music vid for a while now and I may get a chance to use a new uncompressed mod on our camera:
THey ROCK I have been with them from the time Juan had the idea to make that thing on a message board...I am asking for a test unit for the project ;)

Posted by jeremy on Sun 10 Apr 2005 at 17:35 from 12.223.216.x

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