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February 9, 2005
the baroque cycle

So I just finished reading the third (and final) book in Neal Stephenson's
Baroque Cycle series.. I must say, it was quite the 3000 page ride. Although
it took a good few hundred pages to get sucked in, I really ended up loving
it. The storyline was so decadent, so epic, it just blew me away. I feel like 
I learned a lot (though am constantly questioning what was historically 
accurate and what was not) from it, too. Anyway, I'll quit rambling about 
it, but if you're looking for a long series of books to read, well err, go for it.

Posted by Juan Diego on Thu 10 Feb 2005 at 00:15 from 80.28.20.x
I knew about Neal Stephenson with Show Crash. I'll give Baroque Cycle a chance.

You must read Otherland if you haven't already.

Posted by justin on Thu 10 Feb 2005 at 00:31 from 64.81.54.x
cryptonomicon is good too. I'll check out Otherland... I'm not usually into Fantasy too much, but it looks as though it's somewhat relevant..

Posted by Juan Diego on Thu 10 Feb 2005 at 02:31 from 80.28.20.x
I've got similar feelings about Fantasy. Otherland is, in some way, related. But for me it's more SF than Fantasy. I only know you a very little bit, the part you expose here, but I think you will like Otherland.

Otherland and Cryptonomicon are similar because here, in Spain, publishers are sooooo smart they broke both books. Otherland is a 4 book series, but here it is 8. Cryptonomicon is one book, but here it is 3, I think. Money reasons, I guess.

I think Otherland didn't make it and it's not fully published in Spain. So I bought it in english in Amazon and in the same order I placed Cryptonomicon. Here in my desk I've got Cryptonomicon waiting.

Posted by fuzz on Thu 10 Feb 2005 at 10:31 from 62.6.124.x
I'm fed up with waiting for them all to be released in paperback :(

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