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March 25, 2005
jesusonic updates

What's going on with Jesusonic:

  + jesusonic.com was down for a bit, but is back up now. the forums will
be back up shortly. the user submissions database was restored from an old
copy, so submissions that were from the last 2.5 weeks are not up, but they
will be back in the next few days too.

  + I've decided to use the Jesusonic prototype #1 (pictured on the web
site and whatnot) for our band's second show, which should happen in May 
here in SF. This will be the Jesusonic's stage debut! I'll post details of the
show once the scheduling is finalized.

  + I've begun construction of a secular Jesusonic prototype, which will be
slightly larger than the Pod XT Live, and will feature a detachable footboard,
8 assignable knobs (4 rotary encoders and 4 pots), balanced outputs, two inputs
(both hi-z and lo-z) and other refinements. For this prototype I'm moving 
from Basswood to 1/4" cabinet grade plywood, but I'm thinking I'll get 
some ABS cut from TAP plastics if this design works well. In the mean 
time, I've been reading up on my scrollsaw technique, so hopefully
I can go make some nice clean straight cuts. Pictures will follow shortly.


March 24, 2005
freeform jam with brenchr

March 19, 2005
freeform jam with brenbidernewtoncraig

March 18, 2005
getting our band practice on

So Brennan Christophe and I decided that we're going to play a show in May,
so we've started practicing, and here are the relevant cuts from the practices
of our songs, in case anybody wants to hear:
  + from today (m3u playlist)
  + from 3 days ago (m3u playlist)
We have a long way to go, but I totally dig these so far. I'm not sure I know of
any other bands who make everything they ever do available for people to stream
as it is produced.. kinda fun, not sure what it really means though..

Congrats Tom, too, if you ever read this (doubtful).

Got a $329 Dell 420SC server (paid the extra $99 for the P4 instead of a 
Celeron), getting a bunch of RAM for it, so it'll be like $500 for a 
P4 2.8 ghz server, 160gb SATA disk, 2GB RAM, and GigE. Not bad. Oh what
will I do with all of the power?? I'm so used to this P3-500 with 512mb...
(this is for a name/mail/web server, in case you're wondering)


freeform jam with brenchr


March 15, 2005
freeform jam with brenchr

March 8, 2005
new pathsync

Made a new version of PathSync, which does a lot of what I want it to (though
there's still much to do, this ain't bad for a 2 hour update). 


March 7, 2005
freeform jam with brenchrvince

March 5, 2005
freeform jam with biderman

March 4, 2005
apple doesn't think that online news sites are "legitimate"

I was reading this article and one quote really stuck out for me:

  In its court filings, Apple argued that neither the free speech protections of 
  the United States Constitution nor the California Shield Law, which protects 
  journalists from revealing their sources, applies to the Web sites. The 
  company said such protections apply only to "legitimate members of the press."

So what they're saying here, is that APPLE, the company that so many people loove
to love so much, doesn't think web-only news sites are legitimate journalism. 
Way to embrace the internet, Apple. I can understand that you're miffed that
some of your employees leaked info, but don't go trying to set some terrible
precedent just because of that.


March 2, 2005

You know, having been using this multiple monitor setup (2 dell 2001FPs, which 
are 20" LCDs) for about the last 10 months, I've realized that while it is 
occasionally useful, overall it leaves me feeling scattered. Too many places to
look for things, and whatnot. The usefulness is just rare, for me, and usually
involves watching a movie while working. The other times, when I want to find a
window, it kinda gives me a headache. Anybody have any suggestions or thoughts?


March 1, 2005
yet another ditty (this time with some instruments out of tune)

ok so I'm lazy and didn't tune anything. I like the first 10 seconds and 
last 20 seconds, so maybe I should shorten it to 30 seconds. the stuff in 
between is ultimately just killing time, so I should, but as I said I'm lazy
so I won't. Instead I shall go to bed (where my poor fever-wielding girlfriend
has hopefully already sweat herself to sleep).




February 27, 2005

OK so last week I updated Jesusonic to 0.99, it's up and has a few nice little
improvements and a bugfix or two.

The other thing I want to note that I wasn't going to type out on my phone last
night is that I was lucky enough to receive additional screening flying back 
from Vegas, and they had some new thing I hadn't seen before, where I walk into
this little chamber, and maybe 30 air jets blow air on me, and I gather it 
sniffs the particles that came off me and decide whether or not I should be
trusted. Anyway, strange thing, in my exhausted state it was a little scary.
Well, not so much scary, just a little abrupt, that's all.


February 26, 2005
mobile update

more vegas airport light pictures. tired and sick, but home and warm bed await me.


February 19, 2005
freeform jam with brenbiderman

February 18, 2005
some more music

Made this ditty last night. I really dig it, though the lead guitar is 
pretty much in need of being replaced. Anyway. Thunderstorms here, yay. 
I miss thunderstorms from Arizona...


February 17, 2005

February 16, 2005
freeform jam with bren

February 13, 2005
mobile update

a footbridge in denver


February 11, 2005
mobile update

vail rules


February 9, 2005
the baroque cycle

So I just finished reading the third (and final) book in Neal Stephenson's
Baroque Cycle series.. I must say, it was quite the 3000 page ride. Although
it took a good few hundred pages to get sucked in, I really ended up loving
it. The storyline was so decadent, so epic, it just blew me away. I feel like 
I learned a lot (though am constantly questioning what was historically 
accurate and what was not) from it, too. Anyway, I'll quit rambling about 
it, but if you're looking for a long series of books to read, well err, go for it.


February 8, 2005
mobile update

This is a test from my new smartphone, woot. The picture is from a few weeks ago.


February 7, 2005

So two weeks ago we enetered a song in songfight. We didn't win, nor did I think our song 
was the best one, the thing that annoyed me is that the one that won I thought sucked, and the
one that should have won (the one by Eight Legged Oedipus ), didn't. Which I guess is the
way things go, so here's my attempt at helping:

Go to songfight.org's competition for "The Truth About Aspartame", and vote for the one you 
like best. Or vote for the one by "Consume", either way. Only vote once, to be fair, but vote.
Point being, if other people are going to get their friends to vote for them, so will I. Not that 
winning gets you anywhere...


February 5, 2005
freeform jam with brenchr

February 3, 2005
new phone, via rules

After seeing someone else with one, I went and got a Motorola MPx220. Although it runs
a version Windows (which takes upwards of 45 seconds to boot), I'm pretty impressed. It
has a goregous screen, amazing speech recognition, etc. 

Also, someone from VIA got in touch with me, offering lots of support and resources
for Jesusonic development. Met a couple of nice guys from them, and it looks like they
may accelerate me getting the hardware to market. <3. Whoever told them to check out
Jesusonic, thanks.. :) 

Finally, for some reason I tend to feel like I'm more on top of playing the drums
when I've been awake for a long time (i.e. upwards of 12 hours). I'll listen to the
recording and see if it's true, or if it just SOUNDS better at the time...


freeform jam with brennan


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