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March 2, 2005

You know, having been using this multiple monitor setup (2 dell 2001FPs, which 
are 20" LCDs) for about the last 10 months, I've realized that while it is 
occasionally useful, overall it leaves me feeling scattered. Too many places to
look for things, and whatnot. The usefulness is just rare, for me, and usually
involves watching a movie while working. The other times, when I want to find a
window, it kinda gives me a headache. Anybody have any suggestions or thoughts?

Posted by L1quid on Wed 02 Mar 2005 at 21:38 from 67.166.113.x
The only time I find myself wanting multimon is when I'm working on a site and am constantly switching from text editor to browser window, or debugging something and a window from whatever I'm debugging is blocking the IDE windows.

Multimon is also nice because, like you said, tossing a movie onto one while working on the other kicks ass. Similarly, having one monitor for IM/irc/whatever is pretty handy, too.

Course, if none of this bothers you maybe multimon isn't really worth it?

(not really helpful but eh, you asked for thoughts too.) =)

Posted by justin on Wed 02 Mar 2005 at 22:02 from 64.81.54.x
heh actually maybe my mind is feeling too scattered now, cause I just removed one of my monitors and I still didnt feel comfortable... I just wish there was a VNC server that did multimon.

Posted by Danno on Wed 02 Mar 2005 at 23:15 from 128.113.148.x
Way I use it: Code references open on one screen, code editor open on the other.

Resize the windows so you don't have anything overlapping.

Sham Bam Bamina.

I've been using Multimonitor for... uh, 2 and a half years I guess (sometimes multimon AND a second computer). I just can't operate as efficiently without vast screen real estate now.

DON'T have Video open though. Video requires constant attenuation. Use multimon as a way to keep yourself from having to figure out where you left that thing you were just looking at.

Posted by CraigF on Thu 03 Mar 2005 at 04:48 from 217.37.111.x
yeah, im pretty much the same as l1quid on this one. depending on the task at hand, its usually:

browser on one screen, IDE/text editor on the other. (webdev)
irc on one screen, random crap(tm) on other (slacking)

Oh, and ultramon (
realtimesoft.com/ultramon/ is groovy.

If I had two 20" lcd's i think i'd bust a nut. sadly, its just a 17"/15" combo.

Posted by Farris on Thu 03 Mar 2005 at 06:57 from 68.164.19.x
Re: VNC/multimon

It's not really VNC, and I'm sure you've heard of it before, but I really dig synergy (
synergy2.sourceforge.net/ for controlling multiple screens and multiple displays with one keyboard and one mouse. I use it a lot in lab conditions where I'm dealing with several different test systems and don't want to switch around a lot but also want to keep all displays in front of me rather than using a KVM.

Posted by w00ty on Thu 03 Mar 2005 at 08:41 from 68.204.236.x
I have two of the widescreen versions of the same monitor and they are useless without ultramon. Install ultramon and all the sudden you become a modle of efficency.

Posted by Juan Diego on Thu 03 Mar 2005 at 09:32 from 80.28.20.x
I've been looking forward to using two monitors in the same computer long time ago. Last december, my dream came true. The fever only lasted one week.

For me, this configuration really saves time in some circumstances: when I have to copy from one document to another, or when I'm developing a dynamic page, one monitor to code, the other to check the results.

Most of the time I switch off the second one, mainly because I didn't find a way to have different screensavers in each screens under Windows XP. Anyone knows how to do that?

Farris, thanks a lot for pointing out Sunergy. I've just tried it. Really easy to install a configure. My main computer is in front of me, and my laptop at my left, with Gaim, to talk with my work mates. Now, with the same keyboard and mouse I can control my two head Windows XP and my Fedora laptop. I'm amazed.

Posted by Gio on Thu 03 Mar 2005 at 12:48 from 62.253.128.x
It's true that multi-monitors are helpful. The way i use it goes like that: one monitor displays data flow diagrams or documentation i might have and on the other i have my programming environment. You save a lot of time.

Also there are times that i use it as -noticeboard- :p

(after years) The funny thing is when you are trying to work to a pc with a single monitor... you are looking around (every 10 minutes) to locate where the hell is the second monitor... :)

finally, games with monitor surround should be FUN!!! ;)

Posted by John on Thu 03 Mar 2005 at 14:56 from 216.243.188.x
If you want to spend some lettuce you could get a 30" Cinema Display from Apple. For those of you who like PCs, it works on them now that Apple has quit using its ADC plug.

Posted by Jason on Mon 07 Mar 2005 at 06:14 from 12.161.18.x
I've been usign multiple monitors for the last few weeks, and I don't think I could live without it.

I love the extra real estate that it provides, and I would go with three monitors if I could.

I don't have any advice, other than toughen up, princess!

Posted by Richard on Wed 09 Mar 2005 at 10:19 from 62.189.34.x
Solution to the two monitor problem? Do what I did, get three.


Posted by Dan on Fri 11 Mar 2005 at 00:55 from 143.110.18.x
I use my second mon for trillian, winamp and waste. Whenever I'm not chatting I just let milkdrop run. You basicly own it. I'm not sure if that makes you proud or creeped out.

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