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December 21, 2005
Friday should be the day

El nuevo screenshotto (I know, I know, bad):

Won't be long now. The general todo list is still quite large, but the number of items that need to be done before releasing is quite small (really just a few).

It's so satisfying working in an environment where doing new things is easier than I expect; it makes me happy to get things done quickly, and happier that I created the workable environment to begin with.

I'm hoping I can keep REAPER feeling as sparse as I feel it is now. I might be biased, but it feels less cluttered than a lot of other audio software, and I think that's a really good thing.

Steve kept comparing shit to garageband and telling me how I could probably take ideas from it. I'd used it some before, but today I fired it up (well, spun it up is more like it, since I have an ancient 667mhz mac), and was thoroughly disgusted. I honestly don't know where to begin. Basically, everything UI about it sucks. The audio end of it seems decent, though it's painfully slow on my G4. Anyway. Back to bitching about the UI-- It has a ton of buttons that have tiny little icons that it isn't really obvious what they do, and there are no tooltips or anything to help you learn, you really have to click, figure out what happens, etc. So lame. And when I drag a nice loop into the project, I can't just resize it larger and have it loop, it makes me go drag a second copy of it. lame x10. anyway.

Posted by gio on Thu 22 Dec 2005 at 02:54 from 213.16.196.x
damn, not-yet.
? (link) -800kb Installer- pointing to ``NULLSOFT'' :p

anyway... is there any chance to see ``multi-language support'' in section later versions ( >v1.0 )? :)

Posted by senior answero to gio-oh on Thu 22 Dec 2005 at 10:20 from 67.188.244.x
gio, hint, check daily, check often :)

Posted by a preview on Thu 22 Dec 2005 at 13:16 from 64.81.54.x

for those who can't wait. as far as multi-language support, this will definitely happen either for 1.0 or soon after.

Posted by Steven Garrity on Thu 22 Dec 2005 at 13:38 from 198.167.161.x
Going to be windows-only?

Posted by Justin on Thu 22 Dec 2005 at 14:55 from 64.81.54.x

Posted by Tom on Thu 22 Dec 2005 at 21:04 from 208.19.63.x
Steve is soaring over the fagdar, Jenny.

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