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December 12, 2005
server migration, envelopes, and a CC mixed thing I found

We migrated this server to a new box running a newer-than-4-year-old version of FreeBSD, so if shit's broken let me know. I might have missed some email as a result, too.

Did 80% of envelopes for REAPER last night. Just gotta finish off some UI elements for it, and add non-linear curve support (though most of the legwork is done). I think I know how busses will be done, too.

Finally, here's a pretty interesting mp3 someone made, apparently using samples from NINJAM sessions.

Posted by Great site on Tue 13 Dec 2005 at 11:09 from 62.179.250.x
I see you keep the color scheme from your Blorp site. Remember I also use Blorp (pictures.no-ip.com but I tried to make it validate as HTML 4.1 Transitional at least, but nevermind. BlorpScript together with HLScript makes for a very simple website system that has that funky smell of code.
Go magenta!

Posted by J** S***** on Thu 15 Dec 2005 at 14:56 from 128.211.180.x
I'm getting a 403 error at 1014.org/code/nullsoft/which you have linked on your code page as "more open source stuff...".

Just thought I'd let you know.

Posted by J** S***** on Thu 15 Dec 2005 at 15:00 from 128.211.180.x
I found another one. 403 at 1014.org/code/oldbits/

Posted by Justin on Thu 15 Dec 2005 at 18:13 from 64.81.54.x
fixed, thx :)

Posted by kharme63 yahoo com on Fri 28 Aug 2009 at 01:39 from 112.202.47.x

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