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September 6, 2003
the coast hopping really starts here

Going to NYC for a week, yay. Allison's going to school there for a few
months, so I'll be back and forth a bit. Bought a nice wifi antenna, for
fun warwalkingaroundandstuff. ha ha.


August 31, 2003

Been a bit. Got an RS6. happy happy.
Been playing with UltraVNC. It's pretty good.. just a few bugs that need
fixing. Also realized today how easy it is to sniff VNC traffic using
ethereal. Makes me hesitant to use it for somethings, but fortunately
UltraVNC has `DSM' support. Unfortunately it's not quite ready for real 
use yet (features missing, and the way it is integrated is a little bit
on the inefficient side). Also, there are a few somewhat annoying bugs
in UltraVNC. I'll see if they fix them soon, otherwise I might need to
do it myself, eheheh.

Been practicing playing the drums more lately, which has been good. 
It's very satisfying, figuring out how to do new shit on em.

Now it's dinner time, eh.


October 7, 2036

October 2, 2036
freeform jam with biderman

August 21, 2003
the worms take over

blah got about 15,000 virus related emails today. ugh.
if you use my nullsoft,winamp, or landoleet email, I probably won't get
your email. use the blorp one, or something.
bleh this virus was mildly annoying, but easy to filter. what sucks is all
of the mailer daemon errors, virus scanners, etc etc etc who seem to think
that just because the goddamned mail has my email address as the return
address, that it's valid. which sucks. people need to configure their
mail servers to just eat virii, not reply to em. ugh ugh ugh.


September 9, 2036
freeform jam with ianandrob

September 8, 2036
freeform jam with biderman-joel

August 17, 2003
bla bla bla

Back back back.
Been getting work done this weekend. Winamp5 is coming along nicely.
Francis and I are both pretty excited at the moment, and Christophe
would probably be too if he wasn't always drunk on bad wine. Just 

My laptop's HD has been dying for a few months now. At one point
a month or two ago the partition table and MBR got hosed, so I had
to boot knoppix and fix (it scared the shit out of me, but it worked,
creating a new partition table, and writing a new MBR). Today the BIOS
stopped recognizing it properly, so I put it in the freezer for a few
minutes, and took it out and put it back in the laptop, after which it

I'm gonna call Fujistu tomorrow since I have onsite repair, but I'm
tempted to go ahead and backup the drive before they get here, cause
I don't really trust em, heh.


August 11, 2003
so begins the insane coast hopping

Whee in NC for the week, going to beach, yay. Good times.


August 8, 2003
mobile update

dad's with me too hehe


August 8, 2003
mobile update

I'm at the airport again... bsod fun


August 8, 2003
mobile update

7am in Atlanta... mmm food.


August 6, 2036
freeform jam with kevinmorebad

August 5, 2003
mobile update

mmmm I looove parallel processing


August 5, 2036
freeform jam with bidermancrap

August 4, 2036
freeform jam with 1-withkevin

August 3, 2003
drm == dumb rodents matter?

Christophe just told me about how he bought this Placebo CD in
France, and it appeared to have copy protection on it. Then I read
somewhere that Hail to the Thief had it too (and I grabbed my CD to
check-- thankfully it did not), and it hit me how ridiculous it was
to put it on CDs. It just encourages people to pirate music so that
they aren't limited in what they can do with it. So if copy 
protection is going to work, it has to be 100% effective, otherwise
it just encourages piracy, really. And of course, we know copy 
protection cannot be 100% effective unless we ditch the last 100
years of technology, and even then it just raises the barrier of
entry. Anyway, I'm happy my copy of HTTT plays fine on my computer
(hopefully people in Europe don't suffer a worse fate for that 

I mean seriously, who honestly believes putting copy protection on
CDs is going to have ANY EFFECT WHATSOEVER on piracy? IT JUST TAKES
ONE PERSON TO CIRCUMVENT (a good analogue rip might even pass). ONE. 


August 3, 2036

August 2, 2003
terrible streams that no longer exist.

My horrible shoutcast stream is up over 24 hours of content now, yay.
Put a new easter egg on nullsoft.com. A bit more difficult than the
last one. Werd.


July 29, 2003
mobile update

spent the weekend in sonoma for al's bday... mmm hot pool


July 29, 2003
I really don't know what was so funny, either. too much state-sensitive info I guess.

Today is Allison's birthday. EVERYBODY SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL!


July 24, 2003
i don't remember what this was about, click and find out?

brilliant. made me shit my pants. heh.


July 23, 2003
sickly from the travel, I think

ugh somehow I managed to get sick again. bleh. set up a new shoutcast
stream though, muhaha. bleh I go get in bed.

Decided to just embrace modern technology and took drugs. That was about
an hour ago, so now I'm feeling a little bit less miserable.
the shoutcast stream I spoke of is at http://scastsrv2.shoutcast.com:8058


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