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August 31, 2003

Been a bit. Got an RS6. happy happy.
Been playing with UltraVNC. It's pretty good.. just a few bugs that need
fixing. Also realized today how easy it is to sniff VNC traffic using
ethereal. Makes me hesitant to use it for somethings, but fortunately
UltraVNC has `DSM' support. Unfortunately it's not quite ready for real 
use yet (features missing, and the way it is integrated is a little bit
on the inefficient side). Also, there are a few somewhat annoying bugs
in UltraVNC. I'll see if they fix them soon, otherwise I might need to
do it myself, eheheh.

Been practicing playing the drums more lately, which has been good. 
It's very satisfying, figuring out how to do new shit on em.

Now it's dinner time, eh.

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