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August 17, 2003
bla bla bla

Back back back.
Been getting work done this weekend. Winamp5 is coming along nicely.
Francis and I are both pretty excited at the moment, and Christophe
would probably be too if he wasn't always drunk on bad wine. Just 

My laptop's HD has been dying for a few months now. At one point
a month or two ago the partition table and MBR got hosed, so I had
to boot knoppix and fix (it scared the shit out of me, but it worked,
creating a new partition table, and writing a new MBR). Today the BIOS
stopped recognizing it properly, so I put it in the freezer for a few
minutes, and took it out and put it back in the laptop, after which it

I'm gonna call Fujistu tomorrow since I have onsite repair, but I'm
tempted to go ahead and backup the drive before they get here, cause
I don't really trust em, heh.

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