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December 31, 2009
Good cat in the city

On 28th street and 6th, fall 2009


December 24, 2009
Xmas eve coffee. It helps.

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December 22, 2009
freeform jam with chr

December 19, 2009

I wish I could provide as good a present to the world this Christmas as this:

Jason Lytle's "Merry Xmas 2009" :)

I'm listening now, very happily.

Edit: updated the URL. mmm I cant wait for his next album too.


December 11, 2009
freeform jam with brennewt

December 8, 2009
freeform jam with newt

December 7, 2009
freeform jam with chr

December 1, 2009
SnapEase released, GPL'd!

My previously mentioned new program, SnapEase, is now available with source!


November 23, 2009
good times

england, earlier this year


November 22, 2009
an old photo

I took this in 2000, on slide film.. but here it is, processed and uploaded with snapease heh (testing it)


November 21, 2009

I spent the better part of this week working on a new program called "SnapEase" (credit to Al for the name).

I've found myself having a bunch of digital photos and wanting to post them online. SnapEase lets you import your photos (or folders), then nondestructively (and very quickly) crop, rotate, desaturate, rename, and/or remove the images from the list. Once you have your list the way you like it, you can have it automatically resize and save the images to disk or upload to the web. In this initial version the upload is just a generic HTTP POST thingy (with example script), but I'm intending to add support for Flickr and F***B***.

Updated: Released w/ source, link is www.cockos.com/snapease!

P.S. thanks to WhiteTie for the artwork and logo!


November 13, 2009
A show I saw in August


Video was taken using an iPhone 3GS, and the audio using a Zoom H2, then I stuck em together, mmm. There's another video on the YT from the same show, too...

Speaking of other people I love and would likely stalk if I wasn't lazy/busy/shy:

Jason Lytle

I saw you at The Independent last month, and while I was disappointed that you were opening (rather than the main), I was completely enchanted with your set. Even without the full band you had previously at Cafe du Nord. As my friend Dave and I were leaving to walk home while the main act was playing, we saw you outside, and I resisted the urge to give you a hug and all of the money I had in my pocket. ***** redacted for my own good***** ok I've made enough of a fool out of myself.


November 9, 2009
freeform jam with brennewtchr

November 8, 2009
newtbider - 1 -- [12:35]
newtbider - 2 -- [51:20]

November 2, 2009
brennewtnoj - 1 -- [4:17]
brennewtnoj - 2 -- [29:36]

October 29, 2009
Mmm I love America(nos)

Stumptown, mmm. I still miss Blue Bottle when I'm in NY.
(that's the Empire State Building in the reflection)

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October 28, 2009
freeform jam with brennewtnoj

October 21, 2009
WDL, Jetpacks, etc

First off, I'm still waiting for my jetpack. Ahem! Any day now...

We write a lot of code, and when we find parts that are sensible to reuse, we tend to make them part of WDL (pronounced W-D-L or "whittle"). WDL includes a bunch of stuff, but what we strive for is to make it easy to just use a little bit of (aka get hooked on) WDL. One of my favorite parts of WDL is LICE, the Lightweight Image Composition Engine.

I've made available a simple Jetpack game that I made a couple of years ago for Allison's nephew. The source is included. Download here (win32), and it'll need the latest WDL to compile if you wish to compile it. Rob[o[tron]] of Underhill Amps made the music.


brennewt - 1 -- [25:43]
brennewt - 2 -- [12:41]

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October 18, 2009
freeform jam with chr

October 17, 2009
what's the point?

I usually just complain here, which isn't really good for me, or the 5 people who read it. Here is the first (of hopefully a few) somewhat constructive update:

October 17, 2009
OS X: If you use NSMenu and NSMenuItem...

This one took a bit to track down. Here is a crash trace, so that if anybody out there googles for it, they will find this post:

    0   com.apple.CoreFoundation      	0x94563084 CFRetain + 36
    1   com.apple.HIToolbox           	0x90e99438 RetainEventParamData + 90
    2   com.apple.HIToolbox           	0x90e991cb SetEventParameter + 233
    3   com.apple.HIToolbox           	0x90edff75 SendMenuPopulate + 189
    4   com.apple.HIToolbox           	0x90edfe73 PopulateMenu + 63
    5   com.apple.HIToolbox           	0x90eebcd6 SearchCacheEntries + 348
    6   com.apple.HIToolbox           	0x90eeb86c SearchCache + 316

If you use NSMenuItem directly and assign a submenu to it using [parentMenu setSubmenu:forItem:], be sure to use [parentMenu setSubmenu:nil forItem:...] before releasing the NSMenuItem or parentMenu.

It appears that there's some internal system cache of NSMenuItems (for keyboard shortcuts etc), and simply removing the menu item doesnt invalidate that cache, which can cause random crashes on some systems, though it might be fixed for 10.6.

October 17, 2009
OS X, continued.

I know I said I wasn't going to complain, and it's moot anyway since we use ICC on OS X now, but why can't you target 10.4 with GCC-LLVM? *cry*.

I've spent so much time on getting everything nice on OS X, for REAPER v3.13. I think it's paying off. Schwa says "it is like walking through mud." I tend to agree -- it's 95% "ugh" and 5% "woot". To be fair I'm sure Win32 was similar for me, back in the day, but I guess I didn't have much of an alternative (before that I had done some Xlib stuff that was not particularly enjoyable).

October 17, 2009
Windows 7

I'm not one to shill, I try to avoid wearing t-shirts with logos on them (except maybe when patching my roof).. And I know Microsoft is doing some strange things in marketing, but I have to say that Windows 7 is really awesome. On newer, decent multicore systems, I am finding it vastly superior to XP. Congrats, MS. I found installing it on the my eeepc (upgraded ram to 2gb) worked. Only (?) took about 10gb of disk.

If you have a ReadyNAS, you might need to set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa LmCompatibilityLevel = 2 to let you access it via SMB.


October 14, 2009
freeform jam with brennewt

October 7, 2009
freeform jam with brennewtchr

September 30, 2009
brennewt - 1 -- [5:07]
brennewt - 2 -- [52:00]

September 28, 2009
brenchrnewtadara - 1 -- [37:15]
brenchrnewtadara - 2 -- [55:09]

September 25, 2009
freeform jam with brenchradara

September 24, 2009
freeform jam with brenadara
freeform jam with chradara

September 23, 2009
freeform jam with brennewt-noj

September 17, 2009
wienerstack - 1 -- [5:36]
wienerstack - 2 -- [5:48]
wienerstack - 3 -- [8:03]
wienerstack - 4 -- [5:27]
wienerstack - 5 -- [21:43]

September 16, 2009
freeform jam with brennewt-noj

September 9, 2009
brennewtchr - 1 -- [62:10]
brennewtchr - 2 -- [9:53]

September 7, 2009
freeform jam with brenchr

September 3, 2009
WTF OS X you can suck it

This should work:

    [menuitem setKeyEquivalentModifierMask:(NSAlternateKeyMask|NSCommandKeyMask)];
    [menuitem setKeyEquivalent:@"t"];
It works if I replace the "t" with "q", etc. wtf.

Edit: ahh, a system item added to the edit menu takes it. bleh.


September 2, 2009
freeform jam with chrvocalfun
freeform jam with newtonvocalfun

September 1, 2009
freeform jam with brennewt-noj

August 30, 2009
freeform jam with newtbider
freeform jam with newtchrjosh

August 27, 2009
On the wall.. Need one below it too...

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August 27, 2009
A pad complete


August 27, 2009


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