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October 21, 2009
WDL, Jetpacks, etc

First off, I'm still waiting for my jetpack. Ahem! Any day now...

We write a lot of code, and when we find parts that are sensible to reuse, we tend to make them part of WDL (pronounced W-D-L or "whittle"). WDL includes a bunch of stuff, but what we strive for is to make it easy to just use a little bit of (aka get hooked on) WDL. One of my favorite parts of WDL is LICE, the Lightweight Image Composition Engine.

I've made available a simple Jetpack game that I made a couple of years ago for Allison's nephew. The source is included. Download here (win32), and it'll need the latest WDL to compile if you wish to compile it. Rob[o[tron]] of Underhill Amps made the music.


brennewt - 1 -- [25:43]
brennewt - 2 -- [12:41]

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Posted by Ryanda on Sat 12 Dec 2009 at 01:12 from 125.160.104.x
that's Great



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