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June 2, 2003
my old annoying quoted outburst

For me, coding is a form of self-expression. 

It's probably the form I'm most effective at.

Everything I code is arguably owned by the company. 

The company controls what I do with my code [in the past, it seemed I had 
freedom, but it turns out all of that was not really the case--rather, I 
was somehow avoiding the control illicitly (for 4 years)]

The company controls the most effective means of self-expression I have. 

This is unacceptable to me as an individual, therefore I must leav.

I don't know when it will be, but I'm not going to last much longer.

I have nothing but respect for the company--I've just come to realize that
it is time to do something different.

Posted by Nicolas Cuenca on Wed 30 Nov 2005 at 13:26 from 201.252.20.x
Best wishes for you.
you know you change the way we listen music all over the world
you made it simple, effective, fast.
Then came AOL and nothing was the same.
So I hope you can find the way to do the best you know, such the ART to make what you did in the past.

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