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May 31, 2003
the plan goes here (though it wasn't really a plan at this point)

Moving my .plan here. Finger has been firewalled on genghis for weeks since
the (lame) network rebuild, so it's hosed.

The last few days have been, erm, interesting, it will be, erm, interesting
to see how they end up panning out. But I'm feeling pretty good, though like
usual feeling misunderstood. I'll try to clear it up next week.

At Ian's suggestion been listening to Slint a bit. Good shit. So funny that
one of the guys from Slint is now in Zwan, and Zwan sucks so hard. Well, they
rule as musicians, but their songs suck. I don't want to listen to 
christian rock.

Winamp 2.92 will have CD ripping support, with support for OGG. OGG VBR at
0.0 sounds pretty decent, listenable, at like 60kbps. I'm pretty impressed
with it.

Yesterday driving home I listened to Lamb - Zero a couple times. Such a good
song. So simple. Mmmm.

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