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June 19, 2004
linux is almost good, unless you want to get shit done

Installed debian onto an old Vaio 505LS I had lying around.
Had to take the drive out to install onto it, they sure bury them in
these things! The big Fujitsu I have is easy to remove the drive...
Anyway, definitely missing Windows less and less, though still some.
Making XMMS use the winamp base skin helped, haha.

My light head injury seems to be getting better, still sore as shit.
Been making new Jesusonic effects and improving the old ones more. 
Still a lot of work to do on the hardware side. Gotta start designing
a good floorboard, perhaps using a microcontroller to communicate with
the main board via serial... and have to find a good way to do a small
LCD to one of these small via boards...

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