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June 17, 2004
music and pain

Christophe and I made this mp3, testing out some new Jesusonic effects,
and otherwise playing around.

Ah fun today dealing with the bank for a small business account. The 
account person there liked the company name a lot, though. Though she
did misspell it at one point leaving out one of the o's. Ha ha. Oops.

Thinking about canceling my Hiptop service since I never use it, and
it gets very little signal at home (whereas my phone gets plenty).


Oww, completely slammed my head into a doorway. Ouch. That'll take
the bounce out of my step...

Maybe this will temporarily disable part of my brain and let me learn
how to factor large primes using my mind. Or to play the guitar better.
Or vaporize a yak at 300 yards, err, something like that. Doubt it,
probably will just give me a sore neck and bump on the head for a
few days. Belh.

And it looks like we have fleas in our carpet. And the ALSA drivers
for the recent 686B VIA chipsets can't record (But can play back) 
properly. Bitch. Moan. Here I go.

It pisses me off when I hear people say shit like "man, if I ever
get a lot of money I'm going to move it all into some tax free 
country blablabla".. I mean, if you get that money living in a 
society that enables you to make that money, don't you think it's
your duty to pay tax? And if that society as any good, with a large
amount of money, you shouldn't have any trouble making it grow,
WHILE paying taxes. Or do the tax-free muni bonds. Then you're 
investing in your state. Anyway...

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