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June 4, 2005
Burgers, APIs, and processors

In reverse order. My 2.4ghz Athlon64 will encode 48khz stereo WAV to 192kbps
MP3 at about 15x realtime. My 2.8ghz P4 does it at 11.5x realtime (both using
LAME). Sweet. That's 130% the speed at 85% the clock rate. Or about 1.5x more
shit getting done per cycle. Yay, and dual core A64s come out in a week or two,
I can't wait.

I spent some time integrating OGG Vorbis support into this new app that 
Brennan and I are working on, and it is sorely lacking in one respect--
the API for using it. Complete pain in the ass. They need to have a simple
encode/decode API, much like LAME (though I have a beef with LAME's API, too,
see next paragraph). Instead you have to deal with the gory details of the 
OGG format (OK so you can use the VorbisFile API, but it has its own complexity
issues, especially if you are dealing with streamed content). 

So then I also did some stuff with LAME, and they need to (at least on the 
Win32 side) provide a nice clean API as well as the old BladeEnc compatible
one. And lame_enc.dll includes mp3 decoding support, yet they don't expose 
any of it. So instead I have to do a 10 line patch to lame_enc.dll and have 
a custom dll to get it to work! (I will be sending them the changes for 
hopeful inclusion shortly)...but once I do it's good times and works.

There's a place down the street from here that I go to from time to time for
drinks and burgers, and I used to think that their burgers were really good,
but now I'm realizing they are only good if you have exactly the right amount
of alcohol-- too little, and you realize how overdone they are, or too much
which leaves you like I feel now-- bloated, nauseous, and feeling like you 
want to die. With burps that remind you why. Ugh.

Finally, I'm happy to see AOL open source AVS/Milkdrop/NSV/Ultravox. Woot.

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June 3, 2005
freeform jam with brenchr

May 30, 2005
freeform jam with brenchrnewtondrunk

May 26, 2005
AMD rules

So I got a Shuttle ST20G5 (I think) and a 90nm AMD Athlon64 3800+, and let me say this thing
rocks. It runs at the same clock speed as my old P4 2.4ghz, and is way way faster, and
insanely quieter/cooler (I can hardly hear it). And once the Athlon64X2s come out, I will be
able to upgrade to dual core easily. Hot (but not TOO hot).

It's been a while since I've seen an Intel CPU that has impressed me this much. 

Had some pain getting XP to install since I didn't have a floppy drive and my HD is SATA.
Got to learn how to add it to an XP CD, which was, err, fun. And had some annoying times 
getting my printer/fax/scanner to work (the drivers included with XP were hanging the system).
After a good 8 hours of fudging I got it all where it needed to be. Now to go grab a couple
USB-Serial converters for doing AVR development (since my old box had two serial ports, and
this one has none).

Bleh, my back hurts. WTF. More to this story later.


May 20, 2005
freeform jam with kevcraig

May 19, 2005
christophe, however, can sing

As evidenced here.

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May 18, 2005
i'm stupid and (unrelated) can't sing

Here's a newer incarnation of the mp3 linked to below, with me singing on it.
I really need to get voice lessons or something. If only I could make the sound
I imagine in my head.

But what I really hate is people who say shit like "you shouldn't sing" when I
make crap like this. Because if you don't try, how can you ever expect to 
improve? Anybody who has ever gotten good at something that once they were not
should know that.

(it's not like I recorded that and was like "MAN I RULE I NEED TO GO ON 


ownershipsociety draft
ownershipsociety draft2


May 17, 2005
a remix

Just made this remix (licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 
license). It's from this remix contest. I know they want us to use more of their samples, but 
I'm too lazy to go dig through them.. and I wanted to do another song in non-4/4 time.. it 
almost works, anyway. But fun no less. I dedicate this song to Steve. 

Anyway, not gonna bother entering it or anything, but not too awful for a quick 
bit of work, either. My attention span is too short, though. On one of our own
songs, maybe I can spend more time, maybe.

Update: OK those vocals were really not working for me, here's a mix without 
them and with some drums in the bridge.



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May 14, 2005

May 11, 2005
alone with my cold

My lovely woman ran off for a fun long weekend on the east coast, so I'm alone,
with the cat, my cold, my new gold crown (pictures coming soon) and some tasty 
indian food. 

I just made this tribute to one of our band's songs. Kinda funny.

I really dig the Treo 650 I got. Might start playing around with developing 
stuff for it. Maybe. I have an itch that needs scratching, now if I could just
find something that won't take tooo long to get into.

Tomorrow we're going to start recording album versions of our songs, fun.

Also, been watching that classic 90s show, "Strange Luck." It's been so long,
that I get to watch each one as if I've never seen it before. If only I had
something better than a terrible VHS rip.. 




May 10, 2005
mobile update

Woot testing from the treo...


May 8, 2005
freeform jam with brencraigf

May 6, 2005

May 4, 2005
show videos

Our show last night went pretty well, we had a very good time. We were lucky
enough to have two friends (ok ok more than two) there to videotape, so we
edited together this little video.


May 2, 2005
freeform jam with brenchr

May 1, 2005
h2g2 and MORE!

Woot only 2 days til our band plays. Excitement in the air!

Saw The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie today. Was pretty good.
I understand that some of the changes were necessary to make a good movie,
and that's fine, but I do have a few gripes over particular things. But in 
the end, I think it's a good movie for what it is, and definitely enjoyed it.


April 30, 2005
freeform jam with bidermanian

April 28, 2005
freeform jam with brenchr

April 27, 2005
freeform jam with brenchr

April 26, 2005
jesusonic update and another rehearsal

I posted a link on the Jesusonic Forum to the Jesusonic DirectX plug-in, woot.

Also, our show next tuesday is on, and we will be going on at about 8:00pm.
Here is a playlist of our last rehearsal (which is a mixed bag but 
entertaining no less).


freeform jam with brenchr

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April 23, 2005
freeform jam with brenbidershawnstevesharon

April 20, 2005
new pathsync

There's a new version of Pathsync up.  Thanks Francis and Alan! This new one 
lets you do a lot of nice things, see the whatsnew on the page.


April 16, 2005

OK so I still need to build the footboard for the new Jesusonic (which I will
do this week), but I just upgraded the board in this one to a via C3 1.2ghz 
board. The CrusFX still has a 1.6ghz P-M board in it. The difference in power
(and price!) between the P-Ms and the C3 is huge. But The 1.2ghz C3 is finally
powerful enough where in normal (and even excessive experimentation) I'm not
finding it running out of power. Yes, if I try, I can get it to run out 
(whereas with the P-M that is difficult sometimes even). So I think the first
run of Jesusonics will probably be 1.2ghz C3 powered.

If anybody is interested in purchasing one of the first run of Jesusonic 
hardware, let me know. It will probably cost around $1k, and will likely be
hand made and of very limited production. I'd like to gauge interest before
building the initial run.

I've still been using the 1.6ghz P-M based CrusFX for our practices, it's 
really quite fantastic, we tried using a Line6 POD XT Live for half of one
of the practices and while it was good too, it was also lacking in certain 
features (which makes me feel like making the Jesusonic is somewhat justified,
if not completely useful).

We had a fantastic rehearsal today, too, the mp3 is up. I can't wait for the
show (but I'm glad we have a little more time to get things solidifed ;)


freeform jam with brenchr


April 16, 2005
our gig is scheduled, practice is productive

So apparently we're going to play on May 3rd sometime after 8pm at Studio Z
here in San Francisco. Our practice yesterday produced this decent collection of
songs. It's merely 35 minutes, but played live would be stretched out closer
to 40 I'd imagine. And we have a cover we might do, too.


April 15, 2005
freeform jam with brenchr

April 14, 2005
the skulr is almost done

It works now! All that's really left is to build the detachable footboard!
Yay. Here is a picture of the internals (what a big mess of wires, I know!):

...and the front:

...and here is an MP3 I made quickly with it.




April 13, 2005
freeform jam with shawn

April 12, 2005
freeform jam with brenchr

April 11, 2005
fun with PHP

After a day at the beach, getting the tops of my feet sunburned, I came home and
registered brainal.org (think Brainal Sex), and then found myself building a very
strange website on it. <3 PHP.


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