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May 11, 2005
alone with my cold

My lovely woman ran off for a fun long weekend on the east coast, so I'm alone,
with the cat, my cold, my new gold crown (pictures coming soon) and some tasty 
indian food. 

I just made this tribute to one of our band's songs. Kinda funny.

I really dig the Treo 650 I got. Might start playing around with developing 
stuff for it. Maybe. I have an itch that needs scratching, now if I could just
find something that won't take tooo long to get into.

Tomorrow we're going to start recording album versions of our songs, fun.

Also, been watching that classic 90s show, "Strange Luck." It's been so long,
that I get to watch each one as if I've never seen it before. If only I had
something better than a terrible VHS rip.. 



Posted by Bruce Dickinson on Thu 12 May 2005 at 14:06 from 24.7.85.x
Good to see that you boys are getting serious, and laying down some tracks.
Keep doin whatcha doin' in the studio.

If I may bring some critique to the song, I would be to bring the level of the solo a little up, and bring it more to the forefront.
The flutter around 1:29+ is amazing, and deserves much more.

Always the inventor, entrepreneur, and technophile, I Bruce Dickinson,
recommend that you make the Treo be the remote control for your entire house , and with an open interface (ie: HTTP).
You obviously know how / have the ability to make your nodes aware!


Posted by Mike Lowell on Sun 15 May 2005 at 02:29 from 24.17.168.x
Here's a blast from the past: jnetlib. I'm using it for a small project, and I ran into a bug -- I've provided the patch to fix it below (1 line).

Briefly, the issue is that when you use JNL_HTTPGet::addheader(), then destroy your whole JNL_HTTPGet instance and re-create it, m_sendheaders isn't gauranteed to be NULL (and yet it's been free()'d), which breaks the initially create vs. append logic in addheader().

Thanks for making jnetlib, it's so simple and easy to work with. Have a great weekend!

BTW, if you're not the right guy to get this patch applied, I'd really appreciate any info you have on how to make it happen. Thanks! -- a1l0s2k9@hotmail.com

diff -r jnetlib041/httpget.cpp jnetlib041-mike/httpget.cpp
> m_sendheaders = NULL;

Posted by justin on Sun 15 May 2005 at 11:17 from 64.81.54.x
actually, m_sendheaders isn't free()'d if you reconnect because the headers are preserved (it is designed for this). if you delete your httpget object, and create it again, it will have the functionality you desire (and no bug that I can see).

Posted by craig on Mon 06 Jun 2005 at 18:18 from 82.69.59.x
A few ideas for the Treo:
-MinAmp (tiny winamp for Palm)
-Shoutcast streaming(LIVE BROADCAST) what about live feed from the cam!
-A voice changer - Speak through the loudspeaker or phone your friends with the voice of a Cylon, or Dalek etc., or lot's of echoes for faking being in a train station/endless tunnel etc. [hehehe]) loadable sound effects (car chase!, explosions! gunfire! sirens! thunder, seatbelts announcement) triggered by keys.
-A scrambler (like in 70's spy movies, talk in code) though legally it maybe better have an plugin encoder architecture, and just come with something simple for now?

My major annoyance is that my 600 won't work as a removable drive (like a USB pendrive) it would be pretty handy with SD cards (especially if it worked with mobile Mandrake for example).

I wish mobiles would talk through each other - a streaming net, no base stations, zero charge.

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