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May 10, 2005
mobile update

Woot testing from the treo...

Posted by Juan Diego on Tue 10 May 2005 at 16:25 from 80.28.20.x
I'm waiting for Vodafone to buy the Treo 650! Is that the one you got?

Posted by justin on Tue 10 May 2005 at 20:04 from 64.81.54.x
yep.. got an unlocked one.. it's really quite lovely, though a little big for the pocket...

Posted by Gio on Wed 11 May 2005 at 01:17 from 62.253.128.x
hmm, Juan do you know if vodafone is using a custom gui for the menu of treo?
last time i bought a mobile phone was a sonyericsson T600 and the gui for the menu was customized by vodafone; actually it was CRAP in comparison with sony's original menu. :(

i must buy the damn serial cable to update the OS of T600...
maybe i better buy a new phone... any ideas? :p

Posted by Juan Diego on Wed 11 May 2005 at 03:11 from 80.28.20.x
Don't know about the GUI, but I think it wont be a problem with the Treo.

Vodafone is selling the Treo 600 (previous model) at 216 euros in Spain, if you have 1.000 points and stay with them 18 months. Treo 650's prize will be greater, but I think it worths the price: just luck Justin's happiness face!

Posted by Gio on Wed 11 May 2005 at 17:04 from 62.253.128.x
i c (thanks Juan). anyway, i hate vodafone; in Greece they use(d) to sell mobile phones with locked bluetooth!
Hmm, I had a closer look at treo 650 and i think that i like it a lot! thanks both for giving me an idea where to spend my money - haha

Posted by Brennan on Wed 11 May 2005 at 19:05 from 66.93.134.x
Ooh, good job. I need to set that up, too.

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