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December 23, 2004
freeform jam with adarachrisbrennan

December 21, 2004
freeform jam with cvbpractice

December 19, 2004
freeform jam with biderman

December 18, 2004
freeform jam with kevin

December 14, 2004

December 9, 2004
curses color yum

Yay, a nice color text mode UI for Jesusonic. Extending my 
minimal-windows-ncurses subset for color was remarkably easy.
Perhaps I should release the source to that portion, might be 
useful for people... <3 text mode, faking it even more...


December 6, 2004
big update

So let's see, stuff that I've gotten done recently:

+ Ported Jesusonic to OS X. This involved mostly spending time
retargeting the internal script compiler for PPC instead of x86.
It wouldn't have been hard, except for stupid mistakes 
(particularly pertaining to loading 32 bit immediate values to
registers, and not taking into account that addi treats values
as signed (doh!)). What made it really frustrating is that _some_
pointers would be loaded right, and others wrong. Took a bit to
figure that one out. Doing the UI was a breeze, since it just uses
ncurses, and Core Audio support was pretty easy too, just read the
PDF and boom it worked. Supporting multiple simulaneous devices, 
however, looks like it will be a pain in the ass. Some notes:
on my old 667mhz G4 powerbook, it works decent, a little bit
better than an 800mhz Via C3. The latency when using a firewire
MOTU 896HD with it, was great. 8ms or so, I think. Feels really 
nice when playing the guitar through it, even with effects that 
add latency (such as high speed convolution amp modeling). The
main remaining issue left is that pageup/down don't work, since
the Terminal app hijacks them for the scrollback buffer (any way 
to turn this off perhaps?). Anyway, I think we'll be releasing 
the mac version along with the windows one by christmas. at least
in some beta/preview form.

+ Been building the Jesusonic packaging app. This little bugger
lets you package up effects/presets/data files, and resolves 
dependencies for you. Once they are packaged up, you can decide if
you want to upload to jesusonic.com, etc. The other side of the app
is one that lets you install packages, and choose which elements to
install, handle if you already have some on your system, and whatnot.
I want to make it very easy to both make packages and install them.
This tool will probably be Windows only initially, but have no fear
the format is just .ZIP so you can create/install these packages on
pretty much any OS.

+ Added OGG Vorbis support to Jesusonic. Which means you can store
whatever audio you want, and have effects stream it back as needed.
Decoding OGG from disk is extremely simple from script -- it's 
transparent. Whenever you open a file that ends in .ogg, it tries
to use it as a decompressor.

+ Upgrading my pre-prototype hand-made Jesusonic box to a new CPU and
motherboard. Went from a 800mhz Via C3 to a 1.6ghz Pentium M. I have to
say, I am extremely impressed with the Pentium M. Amazingly fast, the 
HSF is tiny and quiet, and it doesn't even get that hot. Now if only the
price would come down. With the new board, I really have to try hard to
max the CPU out (i.e. getting 20 effects in there at a time), and I can
even crank the latency down a bit more.

+ Managed to order a Geode NX eval board from Arrow Electronics. In 6 short
weeks I should be able to see if those will work well, too. They are a bit
too expensive, too, though. 

So I guess I've been only really doing shit with the Jesusonic lately. I 
guess that's ok, too. 

Oh yes, actually last night I watched the director's cut of JFK last night.
So relevant to today. Argh. 


December 3, 2004
freeform jam with biderman

December 2, 2004
hate apple much

Getting so frustrated, porting stuff to the mac, and getting
the powerpc assembly portions to work right, but now it seems
like there's some other bug in my memory allocation code, ugh.
Been hunting it for so long, and it's compounded by the fact
that the only mac I have access to at the moment is on the other
side of some terrible DSL that disconnects me after every 5 
minutes (thank god for screen), bleh. I better get my old powerbook
back from Brennan soon, or I'm gonna go insane with it.

December 2, 2004
i rule, really.

What do these two URLs have in common? http://web.archive.org/web/19990420022838/www.winamp.com/ vs http://www.digisette.com/en/products/DUOdx.asp. You're welcome for the idea, haha. Not that it appears to have been particularly successful...


November 30, 2004
freeform jam with brenchr

November 29, 2004
jesusonic video

hee hee.


November 24, 2004
reward was paid, offer no longer valid

  To the first person who can get me a source to buy some AMD Geode NX 
DB1500 development boards, for a reasonable price (i.e. less than $700), 
within the next month or so, I will send via paypal or whatever, $200. 

The VIA EPIA boards are just too slow for what I need, and the pentium
M boards are hot/expensive/etc.

Thank you. <3


November 22, 2004
freeform jam with brennan

November 21, 2004
hate the deer

shit. shit. no really, shit. :( but everything's ok. 
anybody know how to do some good distortion/overdrive effects in software?
All of mine sound way too digital...

Definately gonna have the windows version of Jesusonic out by Christmas.
Pretty much have decided it will be free, too. The effects included will
be GPL'd.. 

On another note, amazingly, it took me all day to do the :wq for this, heh.
I wrote it after midnight, now it's 4pm. anyway.


November 19, 2004
freeform jam with bren

November 17, 2004

November 10, 2004
<3 swedes

Holy crap. Ian earlier told me to listen to the band Dungen, and they are
so fuckin good. The album I have is "Ta Det Lungt", and it's just ridiculously
good. really. Anyhoo, I gets to go back east now, byee.


November 6, 2004
it's all launched by now

The Jesusonic Web Site is coming along, as is the software and hardware.

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November 5, 2004
dont click this link unless you're ready for it

I really think that John Carpenter was on to something when he made Escape From LA..


November 4, 2004
freeform jam with chrbren2
freeform jam with chrbrennan

November 3, 2004
here comes the fraud

Oh boy, sigh.
I'm anxious to see how the provisional ballots look in Ohio. While it is
doubtful that they will have an effect on the outcome, it would be interesting
to see if they differ greatly from the overall vote--i.e. if they do, it
would make one think that there had been some systematic (i.e. non-random)
reason why a lot of people were not able to vote. 200,000 or even 100,000 
people in a state of 5 million is a lot... 


November 1, 2004
jesusonic can play drums, too

The Jesusonic now can do a drum machine. The patchset in this 
ditty is one I hastily recorded yesterday.


October 23, 2004
freeform jam with brennan

October 20, 2004
still working...

getting there. Need to sand a bunch, make a lid for the far side,
and get a thumbscrew for the right lid (it has a little storage
compartment to put the power supply/etc in).

Under linux, have the latency down to about 10ms, still working on getting it
lower and more robust. I like ALSA a lot compared to other audio APIs (god knows
waveOut and directsound suck for this sort of thing), though some things don't 
seem to work exactly the way I'd like...


October 16, 2004
sad sad sad

Oh yeah, this episode of frontline has some good stuff in it, too.
Particular the last chapter, where you see Kerry speaking right BEFORE the
Iraq war, and you realize he saw it coming exactly. Watch it. Chapter 8.


October 15, 2004

Holy crap, Jon Stewart got even (how is this possible?) more awesome.


October 15, 2004
freeform jam with christophe

October 13, 2004
here it comes

woohoo. Wish the keyboard was of the backlit variety. 
I need to reinforce the screen mounts, too. But yum.


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