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December 2, 2004
hate apple much

Getting so frustrated, porting stuff to the mac, and getting
the powerpc assembly portions to work right, but now it seems
like there's some other bug in my memory allocation code, ugh.
Been hunting it for so long, and it's compounded by the fact
that the only mac I have access to at the moment is on the other
side of some terrible DSL that disconnects me after every 5 
minutes (thank god for screen), bleh. I better get my old powerbook
back from Brennan soon, or I'm gonna go insane with it.

December 2, 2004
i rule, really.

What do these two URLs have in common? http://web.archive.org/web/19990420022838/www.winamp.com/ vs http://www.digisette.com/en/products/DUOdx.asp. You're welcome for the idea, haha. Not that it appears to have been particularly successful...

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