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December 3, 2008
Zoom H2 modding complete

Now with 4 XLR inputs on a breakout cable, and the stock mics wired to their own XLR plug:

Note that the stock mics should not work on anything other than a Zoom H2, since they need approx 1.9v apparently. 48v phantom power might work, but I'm not going to risk frying them...

Posted by Labyrinth on Fri 05 Dec 2008 at 12:02 from 68.213.218.x
That's fucking mad cool...so much more you can do with non built in mics. Very innovative, and not a half bad job throwing it together.

Posted by aldjf on Wed 27 May 2009 at 15:52 from 68.101.130.x
holy fuck that's a monster!!

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