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January 10, 2006
and 0.44

(of REAPER)... is up.

The biggest single thing in it is that I made a nice system that buffers all source material in another thread, so the audio thread doesnt have to wait around for a slow network device or disk, etc (well, it still might have to, but it's a lot less likely). All of the effects and mixing of tracks still run in the audio thread, though that may change eventually, but for now it makes sense (since you may be monitoring an input on those channels, and would want to have the effects applied on there with as little latency as possible). At any rate, playback is now a LOT more reliable, with less little dropouts. It took me a few days of thinking to come up with this compromise, and a few hours to code it, but I'm pretty happy about it, thus far.

The other thing of interest is I made a separate position and playback cursor, so you can see where actions such as splitting will take place (or where you will start playback if you hit play and you were stopped). Makes a lot more sense now.

And there's a bunch of other small things (MIDI peaks now show the approximate notes/durations/etc), VST latency compensation, bla bla bla.

I picked up a $200 Behringer midi/usb control surface, going to add support for it tonight I think. Initially the faders will just map to volume sliders (and be controlled by them), but eventually there will be automation modes, I'm planning (automation will be supported with or without a real surface, that is, mmmm).

So much to do + no deadline = happy justin.

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