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October 4, 2005

Feeling oh-so-assy.

Here's the halfway done Tunnel Vision app. Need to do the background image modes and an installer and I'll be pretty happy overall.

Got the piano fully tuned, though it's pretty off (I guess tuning strings flattens the others, when it was used to being so far out of tune), so I'll probably go tweak it again soon. Biderman and I managed to record some stuff with it, but I fucked up and haven't put it online yet. It sounds approximately halfway decent, which I'm happy about.

On friday I also cleaned a couple years of gunk from the fretboard of my guitar and bass. Yuck. I guess playing in a dirty garage has its downsides. Anyway...

Once I finish the tunnel vision app, going to make my Jesusonic/MT (multitrack)... a Jesusonic that's good for doing live performance, setting up loops etc. For making crap like this or this.

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