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October 2, 2005
logo, music, etc

Saw Dungen last night, for their second SF show. Totally ruled. Wish I had a bootleg.

Also got the piano almost tuned. Tomorrow I'll spend another hour or so and it'll be in rough tune (then if I'm feeling it I'll go tweak it into even less bad tune). Yay. Sounds like a piano now.

I ended up using that last Cockos logo for the web site. Yay. I prefer it white on black, too.

And finally, decided to go ahead and finish the old TunView proof of concept I made over a year ago into a more complete application. Woot. Should be a day's work, and it's kinda useful (paranoia, mmm).

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Posted by ryan[WIN] on Mon 03 Oct 2005 at 13:15 from 72.148.70.x
This blog doesn't have nearly enough ninja or pirate action. I demand a cash refund, or a store credit or something. GET BACK ON #WINPROG LOLLL

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