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June 16, 2005
I vastly preferred .plans because there was no topic necessary

Listening to some older Verve records, only had ever heard Urban Hymns of theirs,
and these ones are awesome. Toast digging.

Here's a little song Mr Wiener (not what you're thinking, probably) and I made.
It's about certain people.

NINJAM is coming along nicely, but I'm going to a wedding this weekend so we'll
wait to release until next week, I think. That and Brennan and I have a few 
interesting things left to do.

One of the more interesting features added recently is the ability for the
server to require clients to agree to a licensing agreement. For example, the
server can enforce that everybody who contributes content to the server agrees
to license that content under a Creative Commons license, or whatever the 
server operator chooses. Hot.

Finally, ordered my Athlon64x2 today. Hopefully won't take too long to come.

Posted by Gonzotek on Thu 16 Jun 2005 at 17:00 from 141.150.210.x
Instead of a topic, you could insert a random 128bit string. The randomness will make it uniquely searchable, and be geekified, to boot. Or just some blankspace.

I can't wait for NINJAM, I want my brother and father to try it out( I have the musical aptitude of a lamp). The licensing option is a super-hyper-mega great idea. It'll make it so easy for people to put shtuff out there.

Posted by steve on Sat 25 Jun 2005 at 11:06 from 24.5.40.x
no shit. i fucking hate the fact that I have to come up with a new subject/topic every time...

you know what would be a cool mod? if you could write the body first, and the script could decide a topic for you, based on the body of your update... :)

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