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June 13, 2005
recovering from an extraordinary weekend

Ah, the two day hangover, ouch.
Note to self: quit trying to reclaim your teenage yaers of not drinking by 
shotgunning MGDs. Although it's funny as hell, there's just nothing right
about it. Nothing. And although it all got consumed, one 30 pack would probabably
have been enough. Really.

We just had a lovely ninjam (my favourite parts are at about 30:00 and 
42:00 or so). I can't help but feeling very elite due to having so much code in
there that made shit work (specifically, the idea that I wrote the drum 
sequencer, ha ha). 

Anyway, gonna take our time a little before releasing NINJAM, but if you can't
wait try coming to irc.cockos.com, #ninjam. and you might get involved. If
you have windows, make sure you have ASIO drivers that Jesusonic works with,
and if you're on a mac, try out the Jesusonic version on it and make sure it
works, too.

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