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October 16, 2003
eastbound, atlantic city, itunes

Funny, last time I updated my .plan I was pretty sleep deprived, and here
I am again. Had a good birthday time (week or two total heh). Last night
spent about 12 hours in AC playing holdem, and a mere 3 sleeping. ehehe.

The iTunes launch today was kinda amusing. Funny how our beta got out at 
the same time, too.. eheheh. I think we'll be updating it early next week,
with a lot of tasty fixes and polishing... good times... 

Driving in NYC yesterday and today was kinda fun. Not as bad as I'd thought
it was gonna be. I guess driving "like a cab driver" (as I was once told, heh)
in SF probably helps a little... just a bit more crazy here. yawn sleep.

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