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September 15, 2003
go west

Just got home, long flight.  Riding in the cab away from NYC made me
feel very lonely. Riding away from San Francisco, for example, doesn't.
Maybe it's because SF is home, or maybe it's because SF has a bit more
natural beauty. NYC looked dark and imposing. I looked at it, not 
knowing where my woman was among the hugeness.

On the plane, there was an amazing show on the discovery channel. It
was called 'Living with Tigers', and these guys were talking tiger cubs
who were born in captivity to the wild, and teaching them how to hunt.

Got home a few minutes ago, pushing the door against piles of mail that
had accumulated from the mail slot. Such a lousy feeling, coming home to
an empty house after a long trip, alone.

Ah but cheer up lad, there's work to do, and people to go see tomorrow.
I should go to sleep, so I can get up in the morning and wash some clothes.
G'night all.

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