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May 10, 2004
later I found what I needed

Heading to E3 tomorrow for a night.. should be lame as usual.
Not really lame, just doesnt interest me that much.
So been spending all my time on this: www.jesusonic.com
It's getting to be very rad and usable. Now if I could just find
a cheap 24 bit USB audio adapter, ideally USB-powered...

All the working in linux has been fun. Making your own tiny bootable
system is groovy. Had to debug the kernel initialization process
for that (now obsolete) Gateway Connected Touch Pad to get it to
boot properly into text mode. Whee I should release the kernel patch,
ha ha. I'm actually pretty impressed with the performance of the 400mhz
Crusoe processor. Not bad for the floating point code that we're running.
The sound on that thing is terrible though, and I couldn't get the ALSA
drivers for it to work, so I'm using a Creative MP3+ USB device for it,
which actually works pretty good (though it's sadly only 16 bit).

Anyway, it's all exciting for me, and addicting. mmm.

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