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April 25, 2004
meter maids blow

So a couple weeks ago I was sitting in the car parked at a metered spot,
talking on my mobile phone. The meter had just run out, and a meter maid
was like 2 cars behind me, so I figured I better move. I did, before the 
meter maid was within a car length of my car. I guess it was too late. I
got the ticket in the mail earlier this week. Rather than fight it, I 
just paid the motherfucker. Fine, whatever. Not worth dealing with. 

So my question is, why can't the fucking DPT get here already? Someone 
blocked my driveway, I called them nearly 90 minutes ago, and nobody is
here yet. I called them back 30 minutes ago, and they said "we'll be 
there when we can". I mean, come on. This guy will probably drive off
in another 30 minutes, before the parking guy gets here, and get away
with it. And I'll have to have sat here for 2 hours, waiting. Tired.
Wanting to go home to go to sleep, in a warm bed. hmph. 

Yesterday I finally finished (after many months) Quicksilver by Neal 
Stephenson. It required a lot of investment to read the 900+ pages, 
but man, was it worth it. I'm now itching to go buy the second book
in the series. The stories were pretty good, but also, I feel like 
everything I'd forgotten or ignored learning in my 10th grade western 
civ class (managing to get a B minus I think), well not everything 
but some, is now back. In style. Leave it to Stephenson to make that
stuff interesting (well in all truth I find history more interesting
now than when I was in highschool, in general). I will be starting
"The Confusion" soon, and if my reading habits of the previous book
continue, I probably won't finish it for another 6 months. I seem
to mostly read when traveling...

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