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April 21, 2004
wasnt quite ready yet


OK so I won't just make that my .plan update. I was very tempted to do the
ol' ESC :wq ENTER. Hell, nobody probably reads this anymore anyway, since
all I do is "blabla here's the shitty mp3 I made today"[0] (I could go off on
a huge tangent of how I'm feeling about that shit now, but I won't. Well maybe
 I'll do it as a footnote[1]). Soon, that will change. Just waiting til I 
move, really. And get a few other nibbles and pieces sorted out. 

We went and had a really good lunch at Citizen Cake today[2]. Amazingly good,
really. mmm. 

0: I just checked webdog and it seems .plan are going out of style.. what with
the rise of the "blog". fair enough. hell, even I'm a sucka and have a little
webpage that lets you view this text. oh well, maybe I'll move to a full-on
blog. some day. 
1: I'm finding challenge in making things that sound good all flow and sound
right all the time. I keep making 3 minute tracks that have about 5 seconds 
where I'm like "damn, that's nailed" and I wish that the rest of the track
sounded as good. Ah the challenge of details. The integration is a challenge.
It really makes programming seem simple in comparison--at least if you design
code right, you can have all these simple independent systems abstracted and
functioning together... can't quite get to that point with music, at least 
yet. This is compounded by the fact that I can only do one thing at once,
this might (or might not) be easier with more people.
2: Allison and I have discussed logging where what and how we eat all the 
time. I'm tempted to, considering we do eat out quite a bit, and seem to
find so many good restaurants, it would be as useful to us as anybody else,
since we constantly ask the question "where should we eat?". 

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