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April 12, 2004
waste's second life

Wow, I could swear I've written something like this before.
Wonder what will happen with that...

A work in progress of a song.
Has a ways to go, yes. But interesting (to me).

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Posted by Ben G on Fri 29 Feb 2008 at 01:09 from 86.215.251.x
Hi Justin,
not sure how to contact you directly (did so in the past on a few occasion while you were still working on the original winamp & after you quit) so here you go
I was just wondering whether it would be possible to make Waste (both client & server) portable i.e run from a USB key without leaving any tracks behind in the windows registry?
you are probably already aware of a bunch of such apps that can run from a USB key if not have a look at
Basically, with all my fave apps, bookmarks & stuff (all open source) on my 8 giga USB key, I can go from 1 computer to any another and always feel "at home", so Waste would come handy: anonymity + mobility, what do you think?
Thanks in advance - have a nice weekend

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