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December 31, 2021
Year in Review

Here are my notes:

  • Code: git commits from 2020's REAPER v6.19+dev1231 to v6.43+dev1231 for which I am the claimed author (excluding merges): 2,264
  • Code: cumulative changes (I'm not sure how to limit this to just my commits so it's global, including third-party SDKs and schwa): 1711 files changed, 132415 insertions(+), 121934 deletions(-)

  • Running (from Strava): 1,366 miles, 44,850ft of climbing, 219 hours. Mileage about the same as 2019, though far less climbing (2019 was 66kft) and a half dozen fewer hours. I've had something or other bothering me nonstop all year but only rarely keeping me from running (at the moment my left glute/hamstring is a bit tight). My high water year for miles was 2017, which was 1,444 (with similar elevation of 44kft, covered in 216 hours). Ah youth.

  • Bicycling: 3,148 miles, 92,560ft of climbing, 346 hours (I'm sure I forgot to record some rides but then there's also probably some GPS errors giving me bonus miles).

    These were mostly as transportation or leisure rides, I only rode the road bike 67 of those miles (sorry, buddy. I'll take you out soon). The brompton got about 200 miles (mostly in San Francisco), and the cargo bike even got 100 miles.

    The Casseroll single speed is my favorite (thanks, Alex!). This year I replaced its handlebars (Surly Open Bar + stem extender, and a cupholder), seat, front tire, bottom bracket, freewheel (after the old one failed in February, though it was fixed gear 3:1 for a good 6 months before going back to 12:5 freewheel), and twice (March and December) its chain. The brompton also got a new chain.

  • Music played with others: 62 sessions, producing about 87 hours of (very-loosely) edited music. The pandemic made this difficult. Singing with a mask on has its own challenges.
  • Music recorded alone: I did about 20 super8 sessions, producing about 9.5 hours of music/youtube videos. Also I recorded 37 doodles, about 2 hours of music.

  • It is probably for the best that I don't have many consumption numbers, such as paper products, disposable masks worn, etc.

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