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July 22, 2020
more super8ing

Ah, I forgot how much I like using my super8 live setup. Some information on it:

  • Thinkpad X60 (old, old, old C2D 1.83GHz, 4GB RAM, recently upgraded to some incredibly cheap 100GB SSD). Recently I did find out that if you have a failed battery in the system, it kills the DPC latency. Having no battery is OK, though! Just don't pull the plug.

  • Zoom R24 (used as an audio interface and controller for levels of 8 channels of super8 output, buttons mapped to choose channels, toggle mic vs guitar DI input)

  • Line6 FBV MK II foot controller (mostly just use 3 buttons - one for record/play, one for toggling input distortion, one for toggling input delay).

  • Debian (Stretch I think?)

  • REAPER (obvs), with track 8 sending to a manual feedback loop that has a delay/compressor/eq/sometimes pitch shifter on it. "Save live output" is used to record the audio.

  • All built-in JSFX/reaplugs/etc, including super8 JSFX, spectral hold, some ReaVerb for cab modeling, etc

  • One (1) SM58. Used for drums, vocals, flute, sax, acoustic guitar, whatever else.

  • R24's hi-Z input is used for guitar/bass

  • Video recording: Contour Roam2 -- old, but not Thinkpad X60 old! I also use this to record the bicycle rides, so usually the brightness is a bit off (and the sensor has been failing in weird ways), so I mangle it heavily with a REAPER video processor to make it watchable.

  • One custom made wood stand (2x4s and stuff) to hold the laptop/interface
I really like the handheld camera treatment in this one, so I'll have to do more of that!

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Posted by jakob on Thu 30 Jul 2020 at 07:48 from 87.141.33.x
Hah, I did something similar just a few days ago, and got myself an X61 (I had the X60 too back in the days, but the X61 has guaranteed 64bit CPU, so no hassle on ebay).

I also have a minimal Linux and REAPER on it, and use it for JSFX as a live vocals effects kit. So far it's great. I would have loooved to use the ncurses-based JSFX standalone, just for the visual aestethics onscreen. But alright, I'll take all the features of REAPER in exchange for not being able to show of my inner Hackerman. ;)

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