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December 16, 2003

Woo, finally launch[ed,ing]. I read the news.com article about this, and I'd 
just like to mention that Brennan and Aus played extremely important roles
in the development and launch of Winamp 5, and we greatly appreciate 
everything they contributed. And we'll miss working with them :/


December 14, 2003
mobile update

sittin in phx airport


December 12, 2003
in the boonies

Ah relaxing in AZ. Missing my girl, had good dreams about kissing her last
night... It's been a very very good 4 years. 

Monday (the 15th) we're gonna launch wa5. woot.


December 10, 2003
bla bla software bla bla

OK so to clear up any confusion, WA5 should be out sometime in the near
future. Soon. Steve says Dec 15 now, haha. But seriously, just a few issues
that someone really screwed the pooch on getting done in time, and should
be taken care of soon. Brennan and Aus are no longer with us, an they will
be missed, but Winamp will be OK. :/


December 7, 2003
christmas album

It's the holidays, and some of us here (Jonathan, Denny, Christophe and I)
decided to make a Christmas album of classic Christmas songs (since we all 
seem to celebrate Christmas to some extent).

A Very Nullsoft Christmas

There's a bit of variety in there, so if you listen to one, you should listen
to all. ha ha.


December 5, 2003

Fritz is in town, and we've been terribly productive.
Oh my god. My favorite song ever.

I know I said Dec 4 a bit back, but bla bla any week now..


December 4, 2003
freeform jam with morefritz

December 3, 2003
freeform jam with fritz

December 2, 2003
insomnia for dummies

Couldn't sleep. Tried for a bit. *sigh*
Tempted to just say fuck it and stay up til I pass out. Would want to drive
to the shop and mix down some leet jam material from today.. dave newton came
over with his sax, mmm..


freeform jam with wifshawn


December 1, 2003
freeform jam with newtonbiderman

November 21, 2003
eastbound, farther than usual

In NYC, heading to london for the weekend.  Now Dec 4 looks like the day
for release... sigh.

"If only you'd remember before ever you sit down to write that you've 
been a reader long before you were ever a writer.  You simply fix that
fact in your mind, then sit very still and ask yourself, as a reader,
what piece of writing in all the world Buddy Glass would most want to
read if he had his heart's choice.  The next step is terrible, but so
simple I can hardly believe it as I write it.  You just sit down 
shamelessly and write the thing yourself."

  - Seymour Glass, from J.D. Salinger's "Seymour -- An Introduction"


November 19, 2003
false alarms

or maybe not. *sigh*. soon. but at least I get to go to nyc and see my


freeform jam with biderman-feces


November 17, 2003
freeform jam with biderman

November 15, 2003
freeform jam with brennankushner

November 10, 2003
winamp 5 is coming

T minus 10. days that is.


freeform jam with scottandbider


November 8, 2003
freeform jam with biderman

November 7, 2003
freeform jam with biderman

November 2, 2003
home alone

sadly al just went back to the airport, and now I get to settle in to watching
some tv and falling asleep again, alone. sigh. 'tis okay, just really like it
when she's here. woof.


October 31, 2003
happy halloween!

allison back for a bit from nyc, yay!

saw primus last night, they ruled. hard. woot.
saw REM the night before in LA. 


October 30, 2003
freeform jam with brennanbiderman

October 27, 2003
freeform jam with biderman

October 24, 2003
freeform jam with bidermancole

October 23, 2003
music in space

i feel so honored =)


October 20, 2003
mobile update

this time bart is packed... almost home tho


October 20, 2003
mobile update

leaving new york, again. sigh.


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