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August 3, 2003
drm == dumb rodents matter?

Christophe just told me about how he bought this Placebo CD in
France, and it appeared to have copy protection on it. Then I read
somewhere that Hail to the Thief had it too (and I grabbed my CD to
check-- thankfully it did not), and it hit me how ridiculous it was
to put it on CDs. It just encourages people to pirate music so that
they aren't limited in what they can do with it. So if copy 
protection is going to work, it has to be 100% effective, otherwise
it just encourages piracy, really. And of course, we know copy 
protection cannot be 100% effective unless we ditch the last 100
years of technology, and even then it just raises the barrier of
entry. Anyway, I'm happy my copy of HTTT plays fine on my computer
(hopefully people in Europe don't suffer a worse fate for that 

I mean seriously, who honestly believes putting copy protection on
CDs is going to have ANY EFFECT WHATSOEVER on piracy? IT JUST TAKES
ONE PERSON TO CIRCUMVENT (a good analogue rip might even pass). ONE. 

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