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July 16, 2003

Just got home. Very good trip. Will give details when I'm not so tired.

Pictures from the trip: here, and here.

Well I'm not gonna give too many details, just a few random things:
* Lots of good dogs in Italy and France.
* Good concerts. Our hotel in Ferrara was like 15' from the stage. It was a trip
* Christophe was in France, so he came to the shows too. Allison and I
  pissed him off a lot (by stupidly questioning his french-ness), but 
  when I talked to him on AIM once I got home he seemed to be OK.
* Daniel was in England so he came to Nimes with us. On our last day there 
  we went to the beach, and went swimming. The water was nice, and while 
  the waves were less than great (we did manage to bodysurf some), Daniel
  had a good line. After a couple of french girls in bikinis tried to talk
  to him in french, and he tried to talk to them in english, Daniel said
  something like "it is good for the soul having chickies swimming near 
  you in the sea." And later on, he amended to be "good for the soul and
  self-image." Haha.
* Mmm good food in Italy, good food in France (hmm, I hope the good dogs and
  good food correlation is just a coincidence)
* Ian and Julie came to Nimes, too. We had a good time, and a good dinner,
  with them and some of their friends.
* I started speaking a little bit of broken french, and it was fun. At
  one point, I politely asked for two (2!!!) bottles of water! Wow! heh. :)

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