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September 6, 2008
mobile update

Another tag, yay

Posted by roblord on Sat 06 Sep 2008 at 19:36 from 71.198.67.x
well done. you've tamed the taggers.

Posted by justin on Sun 07 Sep 2008 at 00:11 from 64.81.54.x
shhhh don't jinx me..

now I just gotta sell it to the city, heh...

Posted by lauren on Sun 14 Sep 2008 at 17:42 from 66.7.182.x
brilliant. got a good laugh from that one. too bad dpw can't read (unlike the taggers).

Posted by Peter on Mon 15 Sep 2008 at 00:13 from 77.49.20.x
it's quite clear that your main development platform is windows. what os do you use for cockos's infrastructure (backend, servers etc)?

Posted by Justin on Mon 15 Sep 2008 at 19:25 from 74.66.229.x
Linux, FreeBSD, and (increasingly) VMWare

Posted by gio on Sun 21 Sep 2008 at 14:29 from 62.103.65.x
justin have a look in the following link (it's random):

is it possible to remove the vbulletin pic? dont want to consume ink unless it's a reaper or cockos pic :)
in advance thanks

Posted by dimovich on Tue 23 Sep 2008 at 23:34 from 89.41.81.x
simply edit this file in a text editor

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