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January 4, 2006
so much stuff

I have the nastiest cough I've had in a long time, bleh.

So I've added basic VST support to REAPER, and in doing that I also added VSTi support, which then required me to add MIDI input support, which is pretty much done (there are some sync issues). So now I'm going to add MIDI file reading/writing, and I suppose MIDI output as well, and that will be hot. I can't wait to merge a lot of this into NINJAM, too, so we can use softsynths (as well as DX plugins and VSTs) directly. I'll do that someday soon.

Other stuff that will be in the next version of REAPER (in the next week or so):

+ moved config files to application data instead of the program directory

+ effect bypass support

+ directx plug-ins use the current samplerate instead of 44khz

+ made it so you can arm/disarm tracks while recording

+ option to create new files when recording every X megabytes

+ a bunch of preferences updates

+ tons more


Now I'm going to go cut an EP from a relatively productive new years eve...

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