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October 5, 2005
musica es muy divertida

Tuned the piano some more today, most everything had gone flat, no doubt due to the wood adapting to the new pressures of being in tune. Lather, rinse, repeat. Here's me and Biderman jamming with the piano and drums a couple of days ago. mmm. And here's me by myself today.

I'm starting to write a individual software developer's guide to software licensing and open sourcing, at least thoughts and tips from my experiences. I should be posting Part I (choosing a license) tomorrow, and Part II (how to make worthwhile open source software, i.e. how to get people to contribute etc) soon after. I know there may be other guides, but this will be my take (AND I AM RIGHT, DAMMIT! JK).

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Posted by dimovich on Thu 06 Oct 2005 at 09:36 from 193.231.30.x
Go for it! We will gladly read your guide !!!

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