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September 22, 2005
planes and pianos

Been flying my F-27 more, so much fun. Tried increasing the throw even more 
today, but it was too much, and the servo/radio combination didnt have enough
precision for me to fly as smooth as I'd like-- which is a shame, cause the
snap rolls were fun.

When Francis was in town we got a Slo-V (made by Parkzone as well), too. We
didn't get to fly it while Francis was here, but I managed to yesterday, and
while it is in fact very slow, it's also very underpowered. At 65F 80' above
sea level, it doesn't seem to have enough power to get out of ground effect!
I don't think I ever got it over 15' up (ground effect is usually 2x the 
wingspan, right?). It does travel nice and slow, though. Anyway...
I picked up a free piano off of craigslist last night (thanks for the help, 
everybody).. Going to start fixing it up a little. And then once it's
somewhere that is more temperate I will have it tuned/etc. Starting to make new
tops for the sharp (black) keys, using some spare basswood lying around. 
If anybody has any good resources for piano parts, let me know. 

A terrible little jam I made with the new piano is here.

Posted by Justin on Thu 22 Sep 2005 at 19:56 from 64.81.54.x

Posted by toqer on Sun 25 Sep 2005 at 23:55 from 67.169.183.x
No mention of the mid air collision :P

Posted by Justin on Mon 26 Sep 2005 at 23:37 from 64.81.54.x
the mid-air was awesome, too bad lone didn't get it on tape...

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