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July 29, 2005

...and a happy birthday to my sweetheart.

This blurb is surprisingly shallow and shortsighted given the time spent by various people 
talking to the author. Maybe it was his editor's fault. At any rate, I'll take credit for coining
the phrase "fake-time" and point out that it's a feature, not a criticism. And that NINJAM has more
than a slight delay, but a huge delay--presumably, the other software/service/vaporware mentioned
has a "slight delay". Nevermind the other huge differences-- NINJAM working with actual audio 
streams, free software (as in speech), etc. I know it's just a blurb, but hopefully people will
investigate to see the truth. 

The other thing that bugged me was the use of "critics". Personally I haven't heard anybody be
too critical of NINJAM (i.e. haven't gotten any negative feedback, just positive and suggestions). 
At least, nobody who's actually used it. Some people who haven't yet will say "oh that sounds 
like it would be terrible", but everybody who has used it seems to enjoy it tremendously.

It's really a hugely addictive and fun form of entertainment.

Anyway... off to drink and eat a lot this week. woohoo.

Posted by Bruce Dickinson gives thumbs up on Fri 29 Jul 2005 at 09:55 from 24.7.85.x
To rip from Brennan, because of the "fake-time", NINJAM really encourages *listening*, and collaboration. Furthremore, the open source aspect is huge. (Frankly, I'm still baffled by that...it almost seems like it's too big a gift...but anyway....)
Indeed, the article was written poorly, and given such a crappy place.

Anyway...to reiterate, these are some of my perceived truths, which are NINJAM's shield:
1) NINJAM will survive any corporate instability / bullshit
2) The other software is so nebulous in it's initial presentation it does look vapourish. If you got the goods, showem. It's not 1992. This is 2005 knocking on your head asking for the software, please.
3) As a shitty bedroom guitarist I, and others, knee jerk the following phrase "???MIDI hardware???"

Posted by Brennan on Fri 29 Jul 2005 at 10:26 from 66.93.134.x
Yeah... and "critics have dubbed" is the most lazy-ass shit phrase ever. As Egon says, print is dead. ps can I reiterate my preference for the phrase "virtual time"?

Rock, Rock On!

Posted by J** S***** on Fri 29 Jul 2005 at 11:33 from 69.209.65.x
No critics, eh? I'm a critic! Let's see, hmm...
Well, NINJAM is bad because music is a tool of satan. Uhh, NINJAM makes the baby Jesus cry. Oh, and NINJAM has the potential to capture musicians and put them to work in special camps eventually resulting in their heinous slaughter. NINJAM is too scantily clad and will cause millions of children to be preoccupied with sex at an early age. I do have a personal vendetta against NINJAM because it raped and killed my mother and it forces my father to work 23 hours every day at a used needle factory.

Just kidding, man. NINJAM is amazing and something to be proud of. It may change the face of music. The first band that came to my mind as being able to benefit from it was The Postal Service. Keep the cool software coming and keep rocking.

Posted by Justin on Fri 29 Jul 2005 at 13:40 from 83.104.96.x
brennan/all: how about synthetic time instead of fake/virtual time? :)

Posted by Jeremy on Fri 29 Jul 2005 at 13:59 from 63.161.131.x
Ninjam doesn't support all of the audio I/O options on my 828 (I figured this would come within time so I didn't say anything before) plus I just felt I'd try to learn how to create the works myself since you gave us the source. :)
Though the memory leaks are bit... crazy in the X environment - I still think Ninjam rules!
I've always wanted to sit in my bedroom for band practice and mute the arrogant guitarist that thinks he needs to solo after every song at practice! :)
Ninjam works great for us electornic musicians too because now we can actually sit infront of our own workstations at home to create... now, some people need the MIDI sync.
sorry I can't think of anything else negative to say about it and I'm usually able to bitch about anything!
The idea is there, fake-time works, keep it Rockin!

Posted by Gio on Mon 01 Aug 2005 at 02:54 from 62.103.170.x
where is the cake? Anyway, I can see only *possitive* things in ninjam even if i'm hungry. NINJAM Rocks

Posted by mmmmm synthtime. on Mon 01 Aug 2005 at 07:17 from 68.100.30.x
Me likey

Posted by ian c rogers on Wed 03 Aug 2005 at 14:16 from 8.3.35.x
Ah yes, the press! Love 'em. In fact, I love 'em so much I'm going to spend two days with them in NYC next week! So look for MANY fantastic mis-quotes with my name attached to them in the coming weeks.

This author really captured the essence of NINJAM, though, by pin-pointing its oft-overlooked innovative use of The French. Using The French as a chasm-crossing marketing technique is completely under-utilized, except perhaps by the American Goverment.

I could afford the $20 but I'd still prefer NINJAM, thanks.


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