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July 8, 2005
NINJAM release

Finally, NINJAM is out! NINJAM is a software suite that 
allows groups of people to play music with eachother online.

Now I'm going to eat dinner and go see Dungen tonight.

Posted by Bruce Dickinson (Funky Post) on Fri 08 Jul 2005 at 21:13 from 24.7.85.x
Congrats are in order!
By far, the most effective, fun, and relevant piece of working SW to hit the net in a long time.
Thank you all at cockos for all your hard work.
I can't wait to see what comes out of people when they use this tool!!!

Posted by Mos I on Sun 11 Sep 2005 at 15:44 from 85.165.156.x
Damn, I was psychic about this shit, I dreamt of it a couple of months ago. Great idea and execution Justin, this will help realize my dream of global musical unity. I'm going to Uganda next week, and ninjam fits right in with my plans there. thank you for seeing the need for this in the collective consciousness of human beings. Mos I apreciation!

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