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January 2, 2005
following the leads of others

I am finally moving to a full on blog format. It took just about everybody else, most recently 
john carmack, to break me down. oh well. I'll have to put something in my .plan referencing 
here. gotta figure out a way to convert all of the old entries, too. or not.

I'm using Brennan's hlscript. word. thanks Brennan.

OK so the real reason I switched is so that I could be one of ABC's people of the year. jk.

Posted by Brennan on Sun 02 Jan 2005 at 16:39 from 66.93.134.x
Rock on brother Justin! First post!

Posted by Hunter (Jarsonic) on Sun 02 Jan 2005 at 17:35 from 24.98.255.x
Haha, cool :)

Posted by SailorH on Sun 02 Jan 2005 at 17:42 from 216.231.35.x
So we can post comments now. That's cool.

Posted by lacto on Mon 03 Jan 2005 at 08:04 from 84.112.6.x
the rss lacks the namespace for syndication, something along the lines of
-- snip --

-- snip --
in the header, try
feedvalidator.org/. (this isn't nitpicking, SharpReader refuses to display the content atm)

Posted by lacto on Mon 03 Jan 2005 at 08:05 from 84.112.6.x
bad luck with tags ;)

so have a look at
web.resource.org/rss/1.0/modules/s...(I pasted the red colored lines of the example given)

Posted by 2 trippers frm india on Mon 03 Jan 2005 at 12:31 from 202.141.25.x
dude..waste has fuckin changed our lives..just one fuckin prob...we fuckin get too high these days,ur winamp visualizationz have almost ruined us..:(( just kidding.we love you

Posted by Kreft on Mon 03 Jan 2005 at 15:19 from 67.52.48.x
i will miss fingering you... uh... you know what i mean.

Posted by Stonedrobot on Mon 03 Jan 2005 at 15:57 from 128.223.217.x
stonedrobot.com salutes you. you have made the internet a far better place.

Posted by Maverick on Tue 04 Jan 2005 at 00:40 from 61.5.120.x
what that hlscript, its usefulness make what and what easy to use it.
Justin, I like by website is you.

email: maverick-v1@telkom.net
website: www.ng29.tk

Posted by fuzz on Wed 05 Jan 2005 at 11:00 from 80.225.160.x
I'm getting the following error from SharpReader:

Error parsing RSS XML: 'sy' is an undeclared namespace. Line 7, position 2.

hope that's helpful

Posted by Teetwo on Sat 15 Jan 2005 at 01:01 from 69.92.23.x
It works in firefox livebookmarks.

Posted by novaa on Mon 31 Jan 2005 at 06:42 from 141.89.75.x
wow, great! .. i enjoyed reading your plan but i often forgot to check for updates. now i can feed nnw .. thanks. :)

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