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January 6, 2004

So I think I'm getting addicted to coffee. which is OK, thus far,
though I think my dentist is going to give me a hard time. Just sometimes
after a part of a day of working but focusing a lot, I get sorta out of
it and my head starts hurting, but a cup or two of coffee seems to bring
be back to normal... anyway...

Put together a Jesusonic 0.97 release. Mostly just little updates. Started
playing around with making a random intelligent drum sequencer, but didn't
get it to the point of being useful yet.

Went to lucky chances to play some poker (NL holdem cash game) last night 
with Biderman... did pretty well, had a good combination of luck and not 
making too many mistakes. Fun stuff, need to go do it more. I seem to have
the "partysong" which should be titled "new year" or something like that 
(from my last post) stuck in my head. kinda good, the song's a bit too long
and drawn out tho, and a bit chaotic at times, but has a very strange effect
on me... it's not quite sad, not quite happy, just sort of is. 

Posted by Random Dan Anrom on Thu 06 Jan 2005 at 18:19 from 206.255.124.x
Hey Justin... thanks so much for everything you've put out though the years. I've used WA since '97 and still use it as my main audio app. today. Maybe you should collaborate with Roger Linn ("Father" of MIDI) or some of his buddies about the drum machine. I believe he lives very close to San Fran. Have you seen the Adrenalinn 2? As I am a guitar player as well, the Jesusonic looks very promising. I'd like to get one when the time's right.

Posted by DavidK on Tue 11 Jan 2005 at 01:42 from 193.122.99.x
If you're going to be addicted to coffee, don't settle for that Starbucks rubbish.

Go find somewhere that sells Illy :) It's the shiznits and keeps me buzzing through nights of intermittent coding and Counter Strike (if only my employers knew I'd upgraded their graphics cards and spend half my time fragging!).

Seriously... that coffee is so smooth, and just the right strength. They have a website, but it's predictably rubbish... sure you'll find it around though.

Posted by Bob on Thu 13 Jan 2005 at 17:37 from 206.255.124.x
Starbucks is good. Better than folgers, to put it lightly.. and for you less anal retentive non-freaker-outters (It's JUST A BEVERAGE :0p). Check out Blue Mountain's coffee. Now there's some shizz. Word.

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